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Testimonials - rv sales training 



“I recently re-watched all 34, brief A to Z Sales Process video segments of eRVtraining and I am very impressed!  I appreciate the ease of logging into the training & the frequently updated content.  Every time I review the training I learn something new!”


"I retired after 42 years in the insurance industry and I'm now selling RVs to re-energize my passion for selling. In all the classes and sales training courses I've been to or watched, David Martin is the BEST presenter ever!  He is fantastic!"

  George Barr, sales manager

"Managers, make this investment in your employees and sales staff NOW! I have used eRVtraining to train several sales professionals.  It gets results!"  


  JEFFREY  GASTON, director of training & development


"My top salesperson, who is a 15 year veteran and does a great job, says eRVtraining is by far the best  RV-specific sales training he has ever experienced!  It is a tremendous help to have our leading performer have that much faith and confidence in your program."



  TIM WEGGE, Store owner


"I've been in this business for over 14 years, and eRVtraining is the best I've seen!  The guys love it!  With 24 hour access to RV-specific sales training, they can go at their own pace anytime, any day, instead of trying to absorb 8 hours of information from a seminar.  As the GM, I am very busy and eRVtraining helps me provide something new each day."  


  Jason forster, sales manager


"The video training assignments are very brief so I can begin each day with two training sessions, then I am ready and extremely motivated to greet my customers.  The role-play demonstrations are an excellent source for new ideas."  


  jason bell, Store owner



"I put a new salesperson through eRVtraining "A to Z Sales Process" (formerly known as Road to the Sale) and "Ultimate Phone Expertise" before allowing him on the sales floor.  Within 3 weeks, he finished #2 for the month out of 6 salespeople.  He is very happy with his new career.  I credit eRVtraining with a huge part of his success.  I have another "green pea" starting this week.  My plan is to put him on eRVtraining and I am confident he will get off to a great start."



  dave mowell, general manager


"We love it! We absolutely love eRVtraining!  The RV-specific training program provides reinforcement to what we have always taught.  You teach the basics and you teach them well!"  


  Michelle Robbins, sales manager

"After 50 years of vehicle sales, eRVtraining brought me back to the basics.  The video training  are short, so we can view 2 assignments each morning, leaving time for discussion.  eRVtraining turns the basics into dollars."  


  e. b. manning, sales MANAGER



"Thank you Mar-Kee Group! — 30 years in the industry and this is the best sales training material I've EVER seen!"  


  Mark rogers, general manager


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