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•  New hires needing a strong RV Service Advisor process foundation
•  Existing staff that you want to take to the next level
•  Underperformers — whose job is at risk!



RV Professional Service Advisor – Road to the Sale (29 segments)

Segment 1 – Introduction
Introduction to the RV Professional Service Advisor

Segment 2 – The RV Service Customer
Expectations & perceptions

Segment 3 – Who Is Your Best Customer?
You might be surprised

Segment 4 – Price vs. Value
Understanding the value of price vs. value relationship

Segment 5 – Scheduling the Appointment
Who, how, when?

Segment 6 – The Meet & Greet – Part 1
Impressions matter

Segment 7 – The Meet & Greet – Part 2
Body language; “memory wipe”

Segment 8 – The Meet & Greet – Part 3
Words have meaning

Segment 9 – The Customer Interview – Part 1
Benefits of the interview

Segment 10 – The Customer Interview – Part 2
Becoming the interpreter

Segment 11 – The Customer Interview – Part 3
Questions are gold

Segment 12 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 1
Taking control of the walk-around

Segment 13 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 2
Benefits of the walk-around

Segment 14 – Selling from Service History
Why is reviewing service history important?

Segment 15 – Sales Presentation – Part 1
Every customer, every time

Segment 16 – Sales Presentation – Part 2
Capitalizing on the opportunity

Segment 17 – Features, Advantages & Benefits Selling
The difference between just selling features and Features & Benefits selling

Segment 18 – Customer Objections
Objections are your friend

Segment 19 – Uncovering Customer Objections
Clarification; “Last Chance Question”

Segment 20 – Overcoming Specific Objections – Part 1
“Too much money”; “Inspections”; “Do it myself”

Segment 21 – Overcoming Specific Objections – Part 2
“Service Contract covers it”; “Next time”; “Don’t have the money”

Segment 22 – Closing the Sale
“Assumptive Close”; Closing is a process

Segment 23 – Completing the Write-up
Why the write-up is so important

Segment 24 – Pro-active Communications
How & why you should be pro-active in your communications with customers

Segment 25 – The Active Delivery – Part 1
Importance of a good delivery

Segment 26 – The Active Delivery – Part 2
Reselling the service/repair

Segment 27 – The Active Delivery – Part 3
Specific elements

Segment 28 – The Follow-up – Part 1
Excellence in service

Segment 29 – The Follow-up – Part 2
How to perform a professional follow-up

RV Professional Service Advisor – Advanced Sales Techniques (24 segments)

Segment 1 – Improving Your Closing Ratio
Simple, foolproof method

Segment 2 – Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 1
Huge opportunity for sales

Segment 3 – Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 2
8 steps to handle calls professionally

Segment 4 – Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 3
8 steps to handle calls professionally

Segment 5 – How to Upsell with Confidence & Integrity
Credibility is key

Segment 6 – Selling Diagnosis
Diagnosis is the path to the repair

Segment 7 – Selling Brake Services
Specifics you need to know

Segment 8 – Selling Inspections
Keeping RVs safe and reliable

Segment 9 – Selling Generator Service; Roof Inspections
Features and Benefits

Segment 10 – Closing Techniques, Pt 1
Trial closing

Segment 11 – Closing Techniques, Pt 2
Invitational; Directive; Either/Or

Segment 12 – Closing Techniques, Pt 3
Volley; Similar Situation; Buying Questions

Segment 13 – Closing Techniques, Pt 4
Convenience; Save; 1-10

Segment 14 – How Customer Fear Affects Your Performance
Eliminating the “Sales Death Spiral”

Segment 15 – How to Close the Rude or Skeptical Customer
Identifying and converting

Segment 16 – Words, Signs & Symbols That Create Negative Perceptions
Perception is crucial

Segment 17 – Be Careful of Words & Acronyms
A confused mind says “no”

Segment 18 – “I don’t have the money”
Excuse or legitimate?

Segment 19 – “My extended warranty is supposed to cover that”
Don’t shift the blame

Segment 20 – “It’s not in my owner’s manual”
Use power of written word

Segment 21 – “Will it void my warranty?”
No fear tactics

Segment 22 – “Just do the warranty work”
Use a flanking approach

Segment 23 – “I’m selling or trading soon”
Building value in resale

Segment 24 – Maintenance is Win-Win-Win
Maintenance benefits everyone

RV Professional Service Advisor – Customer Handling Skills (14 segments)

Segment 1 – Dealing with the Know-It-All Customer
Avoid lose-lose confrontations

Segment 2 – “What’s your labor rate?”
Why it comes up and how to handle

Segment 3 – Handling the Upset Customer, Our Fault
Succeeding in a difficult situation

Segment 4 – Male Customers vs. Female Customers
Important and sensitive topic

Segment 5 – Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, Pt 1
Exceed expectations in 4 critical areas

Segment 6 – Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, Pt 2
Appointment availability

Segment 7 – Upset Customer, Vehicle’s Fault, Pt 1
Become the hero

Segment 8 – Upset Customer, Vehicle’s Fault, Pt 2
Listen; show empathy

Segment 9 – Quality Control Pays, Pt 1
Reduce comebacks, inconvenience

Segment 10 – Quality Control Pays, Pt 2
Perception is reality

Segment 11 – Handling the Laundry List Customer
Make the customer a profitable one

Segment 12 – Requests Repair Out of Warranty
Turn request into additional customer pay

Segment 13 – Ensure Customers are Satisfied, Pt 1
Key elements necessary

Segment 14 – Ensure Customers are Satisfied, Pt 2
Communication and acceptance


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•  Limited time to commit to training employees
•  Minimal ability to train; Not all managers are well qualified to train
•  Wasted time & money spent on recruiting campaigns
•  Frustration with unprepared employees waiting on guests
•  Management unable to maintain normal duties due to training distractions
• Unfavorable local reputation as a result of frequent employee turnover


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