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SALES SUCCESS (111 Video Segments)

A to Z Sales Process Training (34 segments)

Segment 1 – Creating a Great Impression
Initial phase of the selling process

Segment 2 – Greetings & Reception
Professional greetings; Avoid pre-judging

Segment 3 – Building Rapport & Trust
“I’m just looking”; Tips to finding common ground

Segment 4 – Effective Verbal Communication
Importance of words; Listening skills; “Serve, don’t sell”

Segment 5 – Electronic Communication Through Emails
Maximize your effectiveness in customer communication

Segment 6 – Effective Communication Through Texts
Rules for business etiquette

Segment 7 – Trust is the Basis for Sales
Without trust price becomes the default issue

Segment 8 – Counseling/Interviewing (Part 1)
Building a customer profile; Gathering important information

Segment 9 – Counseling/Interviewing (Part 2)
Specific questions to ask

Segment 10 – Presenting the RV (Part 1)
Features & benefits presentation; “Selling the sizzle”

Segment 11 – Presenting the RV (Part 2)
Controlled presentations

Segment 12 – Dynamic Demonstration Drives
Keys to creating mental ownership

Segment 13 – Trial Closing (Part 1)
Effective trial closing questions

Segment 14 – Trial Closing (Part 2) / Setting Up the Negotiations
More trial close questions; Service walk; Discussing money prematurely

Segment 15 – Pace of the Sale
How much time you spend, and where, does matter

Segment 16 – Initial Write-up / Help Your Manager Help You
Info to bring to the “desk”

Segment 17 – Maximizing the Initial Proposal
Presenting your proposal in the best light; Signals you send

Segment 18 – Initial Proposals / Negotiating Fundamentals
Basics of negotiating for successful conclusions

Segment 19 – Negotiating Tips & Techniques
More on negotiations / Clarify & isolate objections

Segment 20 – Premature Price Questions
Responses to “Best price?” “Interest rates?” “Payments?” “Trade value?”

Segment 21 – Fundamentals of Handling Objections
Overcoming customer resistance

Segment 22 – “Your Price is Too High”
Using your numbers – not theirs; 3 step negotiating technique

Segment 23 – “Not Enough For My Trade”
Dealing with unrealistic expectations

Segment 24 – “I Will Sell It Myself”
The challenge of selling privately

Segment 25 – “I’ve Got a Better Deal Elsewhere”
Keeping the customer at your dealership

Segment 26 – “I Want To Think About It”
Handling the most common objection

Segment 27 – “I Need To Talk To My Spouse”
Uncovering the real problem

Segment 28 – “I Want To Shop Around”
Discovering why and what to do

Segment 29 – Miscellaneous Closing Ideas
Tried and true closing techniques

Segment 30 – Capitalizing On The T.O. (Turnover)
Do not let ego stand in your way

Segment 31 – Selling Pre-owned RVs
Tips on selling used

Segment 32 – The Delivery
Make it a lasting impression

Segment 33 – Follow-up For Success
Effective follow-up in today’s market

Segment 34 – The Value of Attitude
Power of a positive attitude; Tips on achieving success

Ultimate Phone Expertise (15 segments)

Segment 1 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 1​
Attitude; Physical aspects to improve communication; Listening skills

Segment 2 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 2​
What you need to accomplish on an incoming sales call; Importance of phone-ups; Directing the conversation

Segment 3 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 3​
Answering the phone; Getting a “yes” answer; Closing for the appointment

Segment 4 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 4
Alternative Phase 1 Script

Segment 5 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 5
Common Questions from Callers, Best Appointment-Closing Questions

Segment 6 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 6​
Handling Price Questions

Segment 7 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 7​
Raising the appointments made/kept ratio; Solidifying their commitment to keep the appointment

Segment 8 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 1
“What’s your best price?”; “How many miles are on the RV?”; “What would my payments be?”; “How much will you come off the internet price?”

Segment 9 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 2
“What are your interest rates?”; “What’s my trade worth?”

Segment 10 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 3
“What would my payments be?”; “Has there been any damage to the RV?”

Segment 11 – Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid
Errors we don’t even know we’re making

Segment 12 – Outbound Calls – Part 1​
Build relationships to make the most of your career

Segment 13 – Outbound Calls – Part 2​
Sold Follow-up Day 1, Sold Follow-up Day 5 or 10, Un-sold Traffic Follow-up, Customer Satisfaction, Anniversary of the RV Purchase, Voice Mail for Sold and Unsold Customers

Segment 14 – Outbound Calls – Part 3
Service customer; Internet leads; Management call back; Customer contact form

Segment 15 – The Power of Effective Voice Mail​
Strategies and scripts for the ultimate professional

NEW! Virtual Sales Pro (24 segments)

Segment 1 – Remote Communication & Virtual Selling
Live streaming; video conferencing; “virtual” selling

Segment 2 – How and What of Videos
How to use; what to do

Segment 3 – WHY Videos Are Essential
The benefit to Salespeople

Segment 4 – Important Considerations, Part 1
How long?  Demeanor?  Equipment?

Segment 5 – Important Considerations, Part 2
Appearance?  Who films?  Scripted?

Segment 6 – Understanding Different Types of Videos, Part 1
Thanks for visiting; appointment confirmations; internet inquiries

Segment 7 – Understanding Different Types of Videos, Part 2
Referrals; customer testimonials

Segment 8 – Understanding Different Types of Videos, Part 3
Product presentations; “Have not heard from you…”

Segment 9 – Video Follow-up
Standing out from the crowd

Segment 10 – Video Is Everywhere, Part 1
Replace long emails; Happy Birthday; Request referrals

Segment 11 – Video Is Everywhere, Part 2
Event invitations; Reminders; Illustrate technology

Segment 12 – Electronic Communication, Emails, Part 1
Maximize effectiveness

Segment 13 – Electronic Communication, Emails, Part 2
Tips & techniques

Segment 14 – Electronic Communication, Texting
Rules for business texting

Segment 15 – Your Words Have Power
Alter your words – Alter your success

Segment 16 – Great Questions Produce Great Answers
Getting accurate information

Segment 17 – CRM – Misused & Misunderstood
Crucial sales tool

Segment 18 – The Need for a CRM
Putting knowledge into practice

Segment 19 – CRM Magic
Getting all you can get from the asset

Segment 20 – Maintaining Sales During Difficult Times, Part 1
Ideas to keep you moving forward

Segment 21 – Maintaining Sales During Difficult Times, Part 2
Ideas to keep you moving forward

Segment 22 – Marketing with Product Videos
Be memorable with live-action video

Segment 23 – Video Conferencing from Home or Work
Tips for video conferencing

Segment 24 – Phone Calls in a Virtual World
Still a vital component

Selling at the RV Show (4 segments)

Segment 1- Selling at the RV Show (Part 1)
Physical preparation; Value of image; Incorporating tablets

Segment 2 – Selling at the RV Show (Part 2)
Mental preparation; Engaging the customer; Efficiently qualifying

Segment 3 – Selling at the RV Show (Part 3)
Qualify, Understand, Inform, Propose; Selling the Deal

Segment 4 – Selling at the RV Show (Part 4)
Effective follow-up — during the Show and post-Show; “Do’s and Don’ts”

Objections Conquered! (14 segments)

Segment 1 – A Definitive Look at Objections
What objections are; Determining validity

Segment 2 – Minimizing Objections, Part 1
100/100/100 Rule; No shortcuts; Needs Assessments for all; Assumptive postures

Segment 3 – Minimizing Objections, Part 2
Building extreme value; Questions to uncover objections; Avoid absolutes; Repeat and referrals

Segment 4 – Minimizing Objections, Part 3
Share expectations; Under-promise to over-deliver; Theory of Contrast

Segment 5 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 1
Be prepared; Don’t hear – LISTEN! Watch for buying signals; Transparency rules!

Segment 6 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 2
Have perseverance; Stress value proposition; Diplomatically deny objection; Non-confrontational trial closes

Segment 7 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 3
Be sold on products; Initially agree; Price is rarely the answer; Persuasive psychology

Segment 8 – “Your Price Is Too High”
Psychological tendency; Use your numbers; 3-Step Process

Segment 9 – “That’s Not Enough for My Trade”
Word tracks; Avoid the ego

Segment 10 – “I’ll Just Sell It Myself”
“Challenges with Selling Privately”

Segment 11 – “I Need to Speak to My Spouse”
Good excuse; Be proactive; Uncover the truth

Segment 12 – “I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere”
Clarify objection; Level the playing field; Build the value

Segment 13 – “What Is Your Best Price?”
Not an objection unless you treat it like one

Segment 14 – “I Need to Think about It”
Unmasking real objection; Closing on value

RV Prospecting & Follow-Up (10 segments)

Segment 1 – Why Prospect? – New!
Why Prospect?

Segment 2 – Effective Follow-up on Sold and Unsold – New!
Doing away with the “Hope” system

Segment 3 – Service Customers (Part 1) – New!
Various ways to prospect among service customers

Segment 4 – Service Customers (Part 2) – New!
Ideas for prospecting service customers

Segment 5 – Using Personal Social Media (Part 1) – New!
Using social media to your advantage; Content is king; Often-made mistakes

Segment 6 – Using Personal Social Media (Part 2) – New!
Ability to research prospects; Highly effective way to use social media for ongoing prospecting

Segment 7 – Miscellaneous Ideas (Part 1) – New!
Market to those who bought elsewhere; Prospects everywhere; Business cards for self-promotion

Segment 8 – Miscellaneous (Part 2) – New!
Asking for referrals–the correct way; Social clubs and community involvement; Personal advertisement; New promotions; “Nest” prospecting

Segment 9 – Miscellaneous Ideas (Part 3) – New!
Make afternoon phone calls; Newsletters; Give specialty gifts

Segment 10 – Miscellaneous Ideas (Part 4) – New!
Give organized presentations; Using inspirational quotes; Make cold calls; Career-building letters and emails

Outstanding Customer Service (7 segments)

Segment 1 – “The WOW Factor”
Why is outstanding customer service so vital?

Segment 2 – Fundamentals Of Outstanding Customer Service
The 10 things to ensure success

Segment 3 – Specific Techniques
Easy to implement, common sense ideas

Segment 4 – The Role Of Attitude
Without a great attitude, the rest is not effective

Segment 5 – The Most Important Words
What you say to the customer is important

Segment 6 – Little Things Mean The Most
Things that every salesperson can (and should) do

Segment 7 – Fantastic Customer Service Is What Really Matters
Service is the real differentiator

Sales Strategies for the Highly-Informed Customer (6 segments)

Segment 1 – Who Are They?
How Do They Think? Facts about Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials)

Segment 2 – Best Practices to Get Face-to-Face
How to engage the Hyper-Informed Customer

Segment 3 – You Get One Shot, So Make it Count
Preparation and Training

Segment 4 – Follow-up to Edge out the Competition
Make your follow-ups work for you

Segment 5 – Specific Strategies to Capture the Highly-Informed
Additional key selling strategies

Segment 6 – Providing a Superior Customer Experience
How to go above and beyond “satisfaction”

Personal Motivation Strategies (10 segments)

Segment 1 – All Motivation Is Personal
When successfully motivated, you can do amazing things

Segment 2 – Creating Your Vision
Your ultimate destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice

Segment 3 – Find Your Individual Key
The only thing over which you have complete control is your own mental attitude

Segment 4 – Setting and Achieving a Special Goal
If you can dream it, you can do it

Segment 5 – Planning Your Strategy
You can and should design your life’s plan

Segment 6 – The Value of Focus and Willpower
The first step in developing willpower is to accept that it does exist

Segment 7 – Do Not Stop Thinking
All motivation comes from thought

Segment 8 – Taking Small Steps
There is no job that cannot be done if you break it down into small pieces

Segment 9 – Building Relationships
Those with whom you associate can and will change your life

Segment 10 – Fake It Till You Make It
Your attitude will make or break your success

Goal Setting for Success (5 segments)

Segment 1 – Why Set Goals?
Understanding the magic of goal setting

Segment 2 – Steps to Successfully Setting Goals
The step-by-step formula for achieving anything you desire

Segment 3 – Goals and Performance Tracking
Recognizing and keeping up with the activities that are necessary

Segment 4 – 7 Additional Fundamentals in Setting Goals
Expands on the basic steps to success

Segment 5 – Study Backs
Strategy for Achieving Goals Empirical evidence of the value of setting goals the correct way

Time and Activity Management (3 segments)

Segment 1 – Classic Rules of Time Management
Determining the Value of a Project, Creating an Effective To-Do List, Organizing Your Tasks, Examining Your Tasks, Fun Facts

Segment 2 – Resisting the Temptation to Procrastinate
4 Categories of Life’s Activities, Take a Mini-Vacation, Resisting the Temptation to Procrastinate, Motivation Strategies, The Value of Time

Segment 3 – Time Wasters
Controlling the Flood of Paper, Managing Your Desktop, Top 10 Time Wasters, Establishing Priorities, Each Day is a New Account

Receptionist (3 segments)

Receptionist – Part 1
Philosophical & Physical aspects of phone communication; Effective Listening

Receptionist – Part 2
Procedural aspects of phone communication; the words to use

Receptionist – Part 3
Effectively handling the angry customer

NEW! 2-MINUTE DRILL (95 Video Segments)

NEW! 2-Minute Drill (95 segments)

 Segment 1 – Persuasive Psychology
(Negotiating / Closing) Utilizing the word “because”

Segment 2 – Maximizing Money Down
(Negotiating / Closing) Word track works wonders

Segment 3 – 7 Keys to Positivity
(Attitude) Positive beats negative every time

Segment 4 – Handling the Upset Customer
(Other) Changing the dynamics

Segment 5 – “Just Looking”
(Sales Process Training) The initial objection

Segment 6 – Psychology of the Initial Proposal
(Negotiating / Closing) How to present properly

Segment 7 – Additional Keys to Objections
(Negotiating / Closing) Handling resistance

Segment 8 – Don’t Gamble with Your Success
(Sales Process Training) Increase your odds

Segment 9 – The Power of Attitude
(Attitude) Attitude is everything

Segment 10 – “Yeah, but…”
(Personal / Professional Development) An impediment to change

Segment 11 – How Hard is it to Say Hello?
(Sales Process Training) Proper greeting sets the stage

Segment 12 – Life is a Choice
(Attitude) Choose wisely

Segment 13 – “I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere”
(Negotiating / Closing) Bluff, mistake, or valid?

Segment 14 – Increasing Write-Ups
(Sales Process Training) Increased write-ups equals increased sales

Segment 15 – Questions to Avoid
(Communication Skills) Don’t undermine your effectiveness

Segment 16 – Optimism vs. Pessimism
(Attitude) Which do you choose?

Segment 17 – 10 Elements of Success
(Personal / Professional Development) Let’s get it right

Segment 18 – 11 Things Students WILL NOT Learn in School
(Other) What students don’t learn in school

Segment 19 – Value of an Effective T. O.
(Sales Process Training) Second chance at a sale

Segment 20 – 9 Things To Give Up
(Other) Give up to get more

Segment 21 – 5 Things That Persuasive People Do
(Negotiating / Closing) Be a persuader of people

Segment 22 – Why Is the Buyer Anxious?
(Other) Perhaps because you are

Segment 23 – Why Did You Lose the Sale?
(Building Value) Make the necessary changes

Segment 24 – Become a Better Writer
(Communication) Emails, texts, articles, blogs

Segment 25 – Do What Is Right
(Personal / Professional Development) Not sometimes – all the time

Segment 26 – Daily Activity Habits
(Personal / Professional Development) Using the “Social Hour”

Segment 27 – Asking for Referrals
(Personal / Professional Development) Asking the correct way

Segment 28 – Controlling Reconditioning Expense
(Negotiating / Closing) Saving gross profit

Segment 29 – Passive Way to Ask for Referrals
(Personal / Professional Development) A coward’s way to referrals

Segment 30 – Procrastination
(Attitude) No-win situation

Segment 31 – Risk Factor
(Other) Lower the risk, greater the reward

Segment 32 – How to Change a Bad Day
(Attitude) Lifting yourself up

Segment 33 – Double Your Chances of YES
(Communication) Simple and easy technique

Segment 34 – Perceptions
(Other) All that matters

Segment 35 – 20 Ways to Increase Sales
(Personal / Professional Development) Make the most of your time

Segment 36 – Comfort and Familiarity
(Building Value) Keys to relaxing customers

Segment 37 – Smile – You Are on Display
(Attitude) Free, but invaluable

Segment 38 – Kill Them With Kindness
(Other) Even when customers are unkind

Segment 39 – Self Discipline
(Personal / Professional Development) Overcoming obstacles

Segment 40 – Preparation Wins
(Sales Process Training) Be a Boy Scout

Segment 41 – Truly Listen to Understand
(Communications Skills) Don’t merely hear

Segment 42 – Handle Resistance Like They Do in Mexico
(Negotiating / Closing) Be oblivious to “No”

Segment 43 – Road to the Sale – Passé?
(Sales Process Training) Absolutely not!

Segment 44 – One More
(Personal / Professional Development) Taking the extra step

Segment 45 – Every Customer Has a Problem
(Other) What customers really want from you

Segment 46 – Salesperson Personal Evaluation
(Personal / Professional Development) Identifying challenges and opportunities

Segment 47 – 3 Ways to Enhance Objection Responses
(Communication Skills) Ideas to communicate more effectively

Segment 48 – Urgency in Sales
(Building Value) Create that “must-have” desire

Segment 49 – Words Mean Things – Part 1
(Communication Skills) Choose your words to maximize impact

Segment 50 – Words Mean Things – Part 2
(Communication Skills) Create positive association with your word choices

Segment 51 – “I want to think about it”
(Negotiating / Closing) Your customer ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT IT

Segment 52 – “I can’t because…”
(Attitude) Take personal responsibility for your life

Segment 53 – Let the Mental Games Begin
(Attitude) The space between your ears

Segment 54 – The “1 –10” Close
(Negotiating / Closing) Tackling the most common vague objection

Segment 55 – Outstanding Customer Service – Part 1
(Building Value) The “WOW” Factor

Segment 56 – Outstanding Customer Service – Part 2
(Building Value) Fundamentals of great service

Segment 57 – Outstanding Customer Service – Part 3
(Building Value) Specific techniques for customer service

Segment 58 – Outstanding Customer Service – Part 4
(Building Value) More specific techniques for customer service

Segment 59 – Soften the Objection First
(Negotiating & Closing) Take the fight out of it

Segment 60 – Making Objections Work for You
(Negotiating & Closing) Turn the objection into a question

Segment 61 – Collapsing Confrontation – Part 1
(Other) Comes in many forms

Segment 62 – Collapsing Confrontation – Part 2
(Other) Taking conflict out of the equation

Segment 63 – Reducing to the Ridiculous
(Negotiating/Closing) Using small numbers to your advantage

Segment 64 – The Power of the Pause
(Communication Skills) Effective listeners understand when and why to pause

Segment 65 – Closing with Confidence, Conviction and Enthusiasm
(Attitude) Confidence is contagious

Segment 66 – Role of Conviction in Selling
(Attitude) Conviction leads to persistence

Segment 67 – Enthusiasm = Success
(Attitude) Enthusiasm Sells!

Segment 68 – Fear and First Impressions
(Building Value) Using first impressions to overcome customer fear

Segment 69 – Classic Closes: Buyer’s Order
(Negotiating/Closing) Making use of assumptive questions

Segment 70 – Classic Closes: T Close
(Negotiating /Closing) Helping customers sell themselves

Segment 71 – Shortcuts Create Short Paychecks
(Sales Process Training) Giving 100%

Segment 72 – Words Do Matter
(Communication Skills) Don’t be nonchalant about words

Segment 73 – Use Personal / Professional Development to Explode Your Career
(Personal / Professional Development) Eliminating the “Hope System”

Segment 74 – Determine to Be Different – Part 1
(Other) Rising above the competition

Segment 75 – Determine to Be Different – Part 2
(Other) Becoming the obvious choice

Segment 76 – Determine to Be Different – Part 3
(Other) Be the person you can be

Segment 77 – Sell Like You Are Brand New
(Personal & Professional Development) Avoiding an all-too-common mistake

Segment 78 – Dealing with Slowdowns – Part 1
(Personal & Professional Development) Tips to overcome inevitable slowdowns

Segment 79 – Dealing with Slowdowns – Part 2
(Personal / Professional Development) Tips to overcome inevitable slowdowns

Segment 80 – Make Small Commitments
(Personal / Professional Development) Becoming a more productive person

Segment 81 – Make It A Career – Part 1
(Attitude) It is not just a job

Segment 82 – Make It A Career – Part 2
(Attitude) Commitment creates success

Segment 83 – Knock It Off!
(Attitude) Blame Game is a waste of time

Segment 84 – Using Psychology When Seeking Referrals
(Personal / Professional Development) “May I ask a small favor?”

Segment 85 – Don’t Drop Your Price Needlessly
(Negotiating / Closing) Buyers exploit perceived weakness

Segment 86 – Trifecta of Questions
(Building Value) You need t answer them all

Segment 87 – Negotiate on Terms & Options, NOT Price
(Negotiating/Closing) Tactics that work

Segment 88 – Reputation Is Profit
(Building Value) You ARE your reputation

Segment 89 – Using Technology to Retain Gross Profit
(Building Value) Technology can save money

Segment 90 – Common Denominators of Unsuccessful Salespeople, Part 1
(Personal & Professional Development) Know what NOT to do

Segment 91 – Common Denominators of Unsuccessful Salespeople, Part 2
(Personal & Professional Development) Know what NOT to do

Segment 92 – Old School vs New School
(Sales Process Training) Both work – if you do it

Segment 93 – “Anything Else”
(Communication Skills) Uncovering needs & wants

Segment 94 – Overcoming Fear of Phones
(Communication Skills) Destroying call reluctance

Segment 95 – “Too Much Money”
(Negotiating & Closing) “Reducing to the Ridiculous”


RV SALES MANAGEMENT (25 Video Segments)

RV Sales Management (25 segments)

Segment 1 – Removing the Impediments to Sales Success
Creating a success environment

Segment 2 – Why do Salespeople Leave?
Building salesperson tenure

Segment 3 – Effective Recruiting
Best practices

Segment 4 – Actual Recruiting Projects
Professional and effective recruiting ideas

Segment 5 – Orientation
Getting started on the right foot

Segment 6 – Self Marketing
Individual marketing of each team member

Segment 7 – 90 Day Certification
Accountability for skills begins here

Segment 8 – Setting and Achieving Goals
Getting serious about hitting targets

Segment 9 – Trial Period Evaluation
Utilizing the early snapshot as a powerful productivity and employee retention tool

Segment 10 – Keeping a Salesperson File
Documentation that helps leaders grow their frontline assets

Segment 11 – Desk Log Part 1
Your ultimate opportunity to monitor dealership activities and salesperson performance

Segment 12 – Desk Log Part 2
Accountability and performance standards

Segment 13 – Desk Log Part 3
Performance standards continued

Segment 14 – Don’t Run Them Off
Identifying our role in salespeople success

Segment 15 – Employee Evaluation
The power of periodic evaluation and gaining momentum for continued progress

Segment 16 – Exit Interviews
Gaining valuable insight you must have and parting on the best possible terms

Segment 17 – Desking the Deal – Part 1
Communicating and training your process

Segment 18 – Desking the Deal – Part 2
A proper delivery of the vehicle with full disclosure of customer rights

Segment 19 – Desking the Deal – Part 3
Accomplishments of a Sales Call, Common Misconceptions, Controlling the Conversation, Always Answer Questions First, Positive Assumptions

Segment 20 – Desking the Deal – Part 4
Driving store success by way of a strong desking process

Segment 21 – Desking the Deal – Part 5
The power of preparation

Segment 22 – Words Make A Difference
Enhancing sales with better word choices

Segment 23 – Sales Team – Team / Leader Concept (Part 1)
Introduction to benefits

Segment 24 – Sales Team – Team / Leader Concept (Part 2)
Getting started

Segment 25 – Sales Team – Team / Leader Concept (Part 3)
Daily responsibilities


NEW! RV Professional Service Advisor — Road to the Sale (29 segments)

Segment 1 – Introduction
Introduction to the RV Professional Service Advisor

Segment 2 – The RV Service Customer
Expectations & perceptions

Segment 3 – Who Is Your Best Customer?
You might be surprised

Segment 4 – Price vs. Value
Understanding the value of price vs. value relationship

Segment 5 – Scheduling the Appointment
Who, how, when?

Segment 6 – The Meet & Greet – Part 1
Impressions matter

Segment 7 – The Meet & Greet – Part 2
Body language; “memory wipe”

Segment 8 – The Meet & Greet – Part 3
Words have meaning

Segment 9 – The Customer Interview – Part 1
Benefits of the interview

Segment 10 – The Customer Interview – Part 2
Becoming the interpreter

Segment 11 – The Customer Interview – Part 3
Questions are gold

Segment 12 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 1
Taking control of the walk-around

Segment 13 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 2
Benefits of the walk-around

Segment 14 – Selling from Service History
Why is reviewing service history important?

Segment 15 – Sales Presentation – Part 1
Every customer, every time

Segment 16 – Sales Presentation – Part 2
Capitalizing on the opportunity

Segment 17 – Features, Advantages & Benefits Selling
The difference between just selling features and Features & Benefits selling

Segment 18 – Customer Objections
Objections are your friend

Segment 19 – Uncovering Customer Objections
Clarification; “Last Chance Question”

Segment 20 – Overcoming Specific Objections – Part 1
“Too much money”; “Inspections”; “Do it myself”

Segment 21 – Overcoming Specific Objections – Part 2
“Service Contract covers it”; “Next time”; “Don’t have the money”

Segment 22 – Closing the Sale
“Assumptive Close”; Closing is a process

Segment 23 – Completing the Write-up
Why the write-up is so important

Segment 24 – Pro-active Communications
How & why you should be pro-active in your communications with customers

Segment 25 – The Active Delivery – Part 1
Importance of a good delivery

Segment 26 – The Active Delivery – Part 2
Reselling the service/repair

Segment 27 – The Active Delivery – Part 3
Specific elements

Segment 28 – The Follow-up – Part 1
Excellence in service

Segment 29 – The Follow-up – Part 2
How to perform a professional follow-up

NEW! RV Professional Service Advisor — Advanced Sales Techniques (24 segments)

Segment 1 – Improving Your Closing Ratio
Simple, foolproof method

Segment 2 – Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 1
Huge opportunity for sales

Segment 3 – Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 2
8 steps to handle calls professionally

Segment 4 – Turning Phone Shoppers into Buyers, Pt 3
8 steps to handle calls professionally

Segment 5 – How to Upsell with Confidence & Integrity
Credibility is key

Segment 6 – Selling Diagnosis
Diagnosis is the path to the repair

Segment 7 – Selling Brake Services
Specifics you need to know

Segment 8 – Selling Inspections
Keeping RVs safe and reliable

Segment 9 – Selling Generator Service; Roof Inspections
Features and Benefits

Segment 10 – Closing Techniques, Pt 1
Trial closing

Segment 11 – Closing Techniques, Pt 2
Invitational; Directive; Either/Or

Segment 12 – Closing Techniques, Pt 3
Volley; Similar Situation; Buying Questions

Segment 13 – Closing Techniques, Pt 4
Convenience; Save; 1-10

Segment 14 – How Customer Fear Affects Your Performance
Eliminating the “Sales Death Spiral”

Segment 15 – How to Close the Rude or Skeptical Customer
Identifying and converting

Segment 16 – Words, Signs & Symbols That Create Negative Perceptions
Perception is crucial

Segment 17 – Be Careful of Words & Acronyms
A confused mind says “no”

Segment 18 – “I don’t have the money”
Excuse or legitimate?

Segment 19 – “My extended warranty is supposed to cover that”
Don’t shift the blame

Segment 20 – “It’s not in my owner’s manual”
Use power of written word

Segment 21 – “Will it void my warranty?”
No fear tactics

Segment 22 – “Just do the warranty work”
Use a flanking approach

Segment 23 – “I’m selling or trading soon”
Building value in resale

Segment 24 – Maintenance is Win-Win-Win
Maintenance benefits everyone

NEW! RV Professional Service Advisor — Customer Handling Skills (14 segments)

Segment 1 – Dealing with the Know-It-All Customer
Avoid lose-lose confrontations

Segment 2 – “What’s your labor rate?”
Why it comes up and how to handle

Segment 3 – Handling the Upset Customer, Our Fault
Succeeding in a difficult situation

Segment 4 – Male Customers vs. Female Customers
Important and sensitive topic

Segment 5 – Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, Pt 1
Exceed expectations in 4 critical areas

Segment 6 – Under-Promise and Over-Deliver, Pt 2
Appointment availability

Segment 7 – Upset Customer, Vehicle’s Fault, Pt 1
Become the hero

Segment 8 – Upset Customer, Vehicle’s Fault, Pt 2
Listen; show empathy

Segment 9 – Quality Control Pays, Pt 1
Reduce comebacks, inconvenience

Segment 10 – Quality Control Pays, Pt 2
Perception is reality

Segment 11 – Handling the Laundry List Customer
Make the customer a profitable one

Segment 12 – Requests Repair Out of Warranty
Turn request into additional customer pay

Segment 13 – Ensure Customers are Satisfied, Pt 1
Key elements necessary

Segment 14 – Ensure Customers are Satisfied, Pt 2
Communication and acceptance

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