139+ Video Segments


Automotive Sales Success for Today's Professional (A to Z Sales Process Training) 34 segments

Segment 1 – Creating a Great Impression
Initial phase of the selling process

Segment 2 – Greetings & Reception
Professional greetings; Avoid pre-judging

Segment 3 – Building Rapport & Trust
“I’m just looking”; Tips to finding common ground

Segment 4 – Effective Verbal Communication
Importance of words; Listening skills; “Serve, don’t sell”

Segment 5 – Electronic Communication Through Emails
Maximize your effectiveness in customer communication

Segment 6 – Effective Communication Through Texts
Rules for business etiquette

Segment 7 – Trust is the Basis for Sales
Without trust price becomes the default issue

Segment 8 – Counseling/Interviewing
Building a customer profile; Gathering important information

Segment 9 – Selecting the Right Vehicle
Know your inventory; Sell what you see; Trade walk

Segment 10 – Presenting the Vehicle (Part 1)
Features & benefits presentation; “Selling the sizzle”

Segment 11 – Presenting the Vehicle (Part 2)
Controlled walkarounds

Segment 12 – Dynamic Demonstration Drives
Keys to creating mental ownership

Segment 13 – Demo Drives / Trial Closing (Part 1)
Tips for the test drive; Effective trial closing questions

Segment 14 – Trial Closing (Part 2) / Setting Up the Negotiations
More trial close questions; Service walk; Discussing money prematurely

Segment 15 – Pace of the Sale
How much time you spend, and where, does matter

Segment 16 – Initial Write-up / Help Your Manager Help You
Info to bring to the “desk”; Evidence manual

Segment 17 – Maximizing the Initial Proposal
Presenting your proposal in the best light; Signals you send

Segment 18 – Initial Proposals / Negotiating Fundamentals
Basics of negotiating for successful conclusions

Segment 19 – Negotiating Tips & Techniques
More on negotiations / Clarify & isolate objections

Segment 20 – Premature Price Questions
Responses to “Best price?” “Interest rates?” “Payments?” “Trade value?”

Segment 21 – Fundamentals of Handling Objections
Overcoming customer resistance

Segment 22 – “Your Price is Too High”
Using your numbers – not theirs; 3 step negotiating technique

Segment 23 – “Not Enough For My Trade”
Dealing with unrealistic expectations

Segment 24 – “I Will Sell It Myself”
The challenge of selling privately

Segment 25 – “I’ve Got a Better Deal Elsewhere”
Keeping the customer at your dealership

Segment 26 – “I Want To Think About It”
Handling the most common objection

Segment 27 – “I Need To Talk To My Spouse”
Uncovering the real problem

Segment 28 – “I Want To Shop Around”
Discovering why and what to do

Segment 29 – Miscellaneous Closing Ideas
Tried and true closing tips

Segment 30 – Capitalizing On The T.O. (Turnover)
Do not let ego stand in your way

Segment 31 – Selling Pre-owned Vehicles
Tips on selling used

Segment 32 – The Delivery
Make it a lasting impression

Segment 33 – Follow-up For Success
Effective follow-up in today’s market

Segment 34 – The Value of Attitude
Power of a positive attitude; Tips on achieving success

NEW! Virtual Sales Pro (24 segments)

Segment 1 – Remote Communication & Virtual Selling
Live streaming; video conferencing; “virtual” selling

Segment 2 – How and What of Videos
How to use; what to do

Segment 3 – WHY Videos Are Essential
The benefit to Salespeople

Segment 4 – Important Considerations, Part 1
How long?  Demeanor?  Equipment?

Segment 5 – Important Considerations, Part 2
Appearance?  Who films?  Scripted?

Segment 6 – Understanding Different Types of Videos, Part 1
Thanks for visiting; appointment confirmations; internet inquiries

Segment 7 – Understanding Different Types of Videos, Part 2
Referrals; customer testimonials

Segment 8 – Understanding Different Types of Videos, Part 3
Product presentations; “Have not heard from you…”

Segment 9 – Video Follow-up
Standing out from the crowd

Segment 10 – Video Is Everywhere, Part 1
Replace long emails; Happy Birthday; Request referrals

Segment 11 – Video Is Everywhere, Part 2
Event invitations; Reminders; Illustrate technology

Segment 12 – Electronic Communication, Emails, Part 1
Maximize effectiveness

Segment 13 – Electronic Communication, Emails, Part 2
Tips & techniques

Segment 14 – Electronic Communication, Texting
Rules for business texting

Segment 15 – Your Words Have Power
Alter your words – Alter your success

Segment 16 – Great Questions Produce Great Answers
Getting accurate information

Segment 17 – CRM – Misused & Misunderstood
Crucial sales tool

Segment 18 – The Need for a CRM
Putting knowledge into practice

Segment 19 – CRM Magic
Getting all you can get from the asset

Segment 20 – Maintaining Sales During Difficult Times, Part 1
Ideas to keep you moving forward

Segment 21 – Maintaining Sales During Difficult Times, Part 2
Ideas to keep you moving forward

Segment 22 – Marketing with Product Videos
Be memorable with live-action video

Segment 23 – Video Conferencing from Home or Work
Tips for video conferencing

Segment 24 – Phone Calls in a Virtual World
Still a vital component

Ultimate Phone Expertise (15 segments)

Segment 1 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 1​
Attitude; Physical aspects to improve communication; Listening skills

Segment 2 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 2​
What you need to accomplish on an incoming sales call; Importance of phone-ups; Directing the conversation

Segment 3 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 3​
Answering the phone; Getting a “yes” answer; Closing for the appointment

Segment 4 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 4
Common questions from callers; Best appointment-closing questions

Segment 5 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 5
Handling price questions

Segment 6 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 6​
Raising the appointments made/kept ratio; Solidifying their commitment to keep the appointment

Segment 7 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 1
“What’s your best price?”; “How many miles are on the vehicle?”; “What would my payments be?”; “How much will you come off the internet price?”

Segment 8 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 2
“What are your interest rates?”; “What’s my trade worth?”

Segment 9 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 3
“What would my payments be?”; “Has this vehicle been wrecked?”

Segment 10 – Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid
Sold follow-up Day 1; Sold follow-up Day 5; Un-sold traffic follow-up; CSI; Anniversary of the vehicle purchase

Segment 11 – Outbound Calls – Part 1​
Build relationships to make the most of your career

Segment 12 – Outbound Calls – Part 2​
Email and household vehicle request; Voice mail for sold customers; Voice mail for unsold customers

Segment 13 – Outbound Calls – Part 3
Email and household vehicle request; Voice mail for sold customers; Voice mail for unsold customers

Segment 14 – Outbound Calls – Part 4
Service customer; Internet leads; Management call back; Customer contact form

Segment 15 – The Power of Effective Voice Mail​
Strategies and scripts for the ultimate professional

Prospecting and Follow-Up in Today's Market (11 segments)

Segment 1 – Why Prospect & Follow-up
The facts, the benefits, the fundamentals: Building a permanent contact base

Segment 2 – Effective Follow-up on Sold & Unsold
What’s in it for you; Getting customers back in; Standing out from the crowd

Segment 3 – Prospecting with Service Customers (Part 1)
Establishing relationships with advisors; “Volunteer greeter”; In the customer lounge; “Vehicles needed” board

Segment 4 – Prospecting with Service Customers (Part 2)
Pro-actively calling; Software to identify vehicles with equity; Approach service customers using an effective script

Segment 5 – Using Personal Social Media – Part 1
Do’s and don’ts; Content is king; Often-made mistakes

Segment 6 – Using Personal Social Media – Part 2
The ability to research prospects; highly effective way to use Facebook for ongoing prospecting

Segment 7 – Individual Prospecting Ideas – Part 1
Market to those who bought elsewhere; Prospects everywhere; Target market; One new business each month

Segment 8 – Individual Prospecting Ideas – Part 2
Business cards for self-promotion; Off-lease customers; Asking for referrals – The right way!

Segment 9 – Individual Prospecting Ideas – Part 3
Claims adjusters; Social clubs; Community involvement; Personal advertisement; New promotions

Segment 10 – Individual Prospecting Ideas – Part 4
Afternoon phone calls; Newsletters; “Nest” prospecting; Give specialty gifts

Segment 11 – Individual Prospecting Ideas – Part 5
New homeowners; Organized group presentations; Inspirational quotes (PMAs); Career-building letters and emails

Objections Conquered! (15 segments)

Segment 1 – A Definitive Look at Objections
What objections are; Determining validity

Segment 2 – Minimizing Objections, Part 1
100/100/100 Rule; No shortcuts; Needs Assessments for all; Assumptive postures

Segment 3 – Minimizing Objections, Part 2
Building extreme value; Questions to uncover objections; Avoid absolutes; Repeat and referrals

Segment 4 – Minimizing Objections, Part 3
Share expectations; Under-promise to over-deliver; Theory of Contrast

Segment 5 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 1
Be prepared; Don’t hear – LISTEN! Watch for buying signals; Transparency rules!

Segment 6 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 2
Have perseverance; Stress value proposition; Diplomatically deny objection; Non-confrontational trial closes

Segment 7 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 3
Be sold on products; Initially agree; Price is rarely the answer; Persuasive psychology

Segment 8 – “Your Price Is Too High”
Psychological tendency; Use your numbers; 3-Step Process

Segment 9 – “That’s Not Enough for My Trade”
Word tracks; Avoid the ego

Segment 10 – “I’ll Just Sell It Myself”
“Challenges with Selling Privately”

Segment 11 – “I Need to Speak to My Spouse”
Good excuse; Be proactive; Uncover the truth

Segment 12 – “I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere”
Clarify objection; Level the playing field; Build the value

Segment 13 – “What Is Your Best Price?”
Not an objection unless you treat it like one

Segment 14 – “I Don’t Want to Put Any Money Down”
Reinforce advantages; Minimally cover taxes and fees

Segment 15 – “I Need to Think About It”
Unmasking real objection; Closing on value

Consumer Leasing (8 segments)

Segment 1 – Words Make a Difference
Positive terminology is vital

Segment 2 – An Alternative Means of Financing
Explanation of leasing, lease terminology

Segment 3 – Customer Advantages
Popularity of leasing, major customer advantages

Segment 4 – Dealership Advantages
Major advantages for the dealer

Segment 5 – Salesperson Advantages/Customer Questions
Advantages for salesperson/Leasing questions and answers

Segment 6 – Objections
How to handle major objections

Segment 7 – Consumer Lease Illustration Role Play

Segment 8 – Helping Customers Make the “Buy or Lease” Decision
Five questions every customer should answer for themselves

Outstanding Customer Service (7 segments)

Segment 1 – Outstanding Customer Service – “The WOW Factor”
Why is outstanding customer service so vital?

Segment 2 – Fundamentals Of Outstanding Customer Service
The 10 things to ensure success

Segment 3 – Specific Techniques For Outstanding Customer Service
Easy to implement, common sense ideas

Segment 4 – The Role Of Attitude In Outstanding Customer Service
Without a great attitude, the rest is not effective

Segment 5 – Outstanding Customer Svc. – The Most Important Words
What you say to the customer is important

Segment 6 – Outstanding Customer Svc. – Little Things Mean So Much
Things that every salesperson can (and should) do

Segment 7 – Fantastic Customer Service Is What Really Matters
Service is the real differentiator

Sales Strategies for the Highly-Informed Customer (6 segments)

Segment 1 – Who Are They? How Do They Think?
Facts about gen x and gen y

Segment 2 – Best Practices to Get Face-to-Face
How to engage the hyper-informed customer

Segment 3 – Your Get One Shot, So Make it Count
Preparation and training

Segment 4 – Follow-up to Edge out the Competition
Make your follow-ups work for you

Segment 5 – Specific Strategies to Capture the Highly-Informed
Additional key selling strategies

Segment 6 – Providing a Superior Customer Service
How to go above and beyond “satisfaction”

Goal Setting for Success (5 segments)

Segment 1 – Why Set Goals?
Understanding the magic of goal setting

Segment 2 – Steps to Successfully Setting Goals
The step-by-step formula for achieving anything you desire

Segment 3 – Goals and Performance Tracking
Recognizing and keeping up with the activities that necessary

Segment 4 – 7 Additional Fundamentals in Setting Goals
Expands on the basic steps to success

Segment 5 – Study Backs Strategy for Achieving Goals
Empirical evidence of the value of setting goals the correct way

Time & Activity Management (3 segments)

Segment 1 – Classic Rules of Time Management
Determining the value of a project; Creating an effective to-do list; Organizing your tasks; Examining your tasks; Fun facts

Segment 2 – Resisting the Temptation to Procrastinate
4 categories of life’s activities; Take a mini-vacation; Resisting the temptation to procrastinate; Motivation strategies; The value of time

Segment 3 – Time Wasters
Controlling the flood of paper; Managing your desktop; Top 10 time wasters, Establishing priorities; Each day is a new account

Personal Motivation Strategies (10 segments)

Segment 1 – All Motivation Is Personal
When successfully motivated, you can do amazing things

Segment 2 – Creating Your Vision
Your ultimate destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice

Segment 3 – Find Your Individual Key
The only thing over which you have complete control is your own mental attitude

Segment 4 – Setting and Achieving a Special Goal
If you can dream it, you can do it

Segment 5 – Planning Your Strategy
You can and should design your life’s plan

Segment 6 – The Value of Focus and Willpower
The first step in developing willpower is to accept that it does exist

Segment 7 – Do Not Stop Thinking
All motivation comes from thought

Segment 8 – Taking Small Steps
There is no job that cannot be done if you break it down into small pieces

Segment 9 – Building Relationships
Those with whom you associate can and will change your life

Segment 10 – Fake It Till You Make It
Your attitude will make or break your success

Mar-Kee's Top 40 (40 segments)

Segment 1 – Understanding The Used Car Buyer
Who are they?

Segment 2 – Your Opportunity for Increased Profits (Part 1)
Strategies to ensure success with the used car buyer

Segment 3 – Your Opportunity for Increased Profits (Part 2)
Techniques that ensure higher success rates

Segment 4 – Your Opportunity for Increased Profits (Part 3)
More tips and techniques

Segment 5 – Women Buyers (Part 1)
10 tips to consider with woman buyers

Segment 6 – Women Buyers (Part 2)
Selling to the real decision-maker

Segment 7 – Understanding Personality Types (Part 1)
Understanding “Expressives” and “Amiables”

Segment 8 – Understanding Personality Types (Part 2)
Understanding “Drivers” and “Analyticals”

Segment 9 – Theory of Contrast
Presenting the desired alternative

Segment 10 – 15 Qualities Salespeople Should Possess
The making of a superstar

Segment 11 – Attitude Creates Altitude
Power of positive thinking

Segment 12 – Cash Is King
Increase down payments

Segment 13 – Understanding Non-Verbal Communication
Harness the power of voice inflection and body language

Segment 14 – There Are No Limits to Your Success
Believe you can succeed

Segment 15- Questions Are the Answer
The 10 Commandments of Counseling

Segment 16 – Questions That Can Kill a Sale
Well-meaning questions that must be avoided

Segment 17 – Selling the Sizzle
How to emphasize value & benefits vs. price

Segment 18 – Effective Listening
Secret to great communication

Segment 19 – Collapsing Confrontation
Taking the sting out of disagreement

Segment 20 – Ego in the Sales Process
Yours and the customer’s

Segment 21 – Dealing with Personal Pressures
Ten steps that lead to success

Segment 22 – Give Everyone a Chance
Prejudging customers guarantees missed sales

Segment 23 – Making Objections Work for You
Additional strategies

Segment 24 – Closing Is a Process
Character, Emotional and Logical stages of a sale

Segment 25 – Adaptive Selling
Adjusting to changing conditions

Segment 26 – Information = Success
Knowledge is power

Segment 27 – Follow the Process
The five areas of focus

Segment 28 – Winning the Price War
It is not all about money

Segment 29 – Average vs. Superior (Part 1)
How exceptional salespeople are different

Segment 30 – Average vs. Superior (Part 2)
How exceptional salespeople think

Segment 31 – Average vs. Superior (Part 3)
How exceptional salespeople operate

Segment 32 – Avoiding “NO” – Creating “YES”
Sales is the art of obtaining “YES”

Segment 33 – Focus on Risk
Strategies to lower the risk of buying

Segment 34 – Dealing with Doubts
Doubts lead to indecision

Segment 35 – Do You Still Need a “Road to the Sale”?
Is it still relevant?

Segment 36 – How to be Effective with Others
15 keys to become effective with others

Segment 37 – To Qualify or Not to Qualify
The answer is YES

Segment 38 – Why Should I Buy from You?
The question every customer has

Segment 39 – Price, Value or Risk?
Which is more important?

Segment 40 – Your Attitude Is Everything
Big thinking always precedes big achievements


119+ Video Segments


2-Minute Drill (119 segments)

Segment 1 — Persuasive Psychology
(Negotiating / Closing) Utilizing the word “because”

Segment 2 — Women Buyers
(Other) Appealing to this most important customer

Segment 3 — Maximizing Money Down
(Negotiating / Closing) Word track works wonders

Segment 4 — 7 Keys to Positivity
(Attitude) Positive beats negative every time

Segment 5 — Handling the Upset Customer
(Other) Changing the dynamics

Segment 6 — The Trade Walk
(Sales Process Training) Non-confrontational negotiating

Segment 7 — “Just Looking”
(Sales Process Training) The initial objection

Segment 8 — Psychology of the Initial Proposal
(Negotiating / Closing) How to present properly

Segment 9 — Selling the Sizzle
(Building Value) Little things mean a lot

Segment 10 — Additional Keys to Objections
(Negotiating / Closing) Handling resistance

Segment 11 — Don’t Gamble with Your Success
(Sales Process Training) Increase your odds

Segment 12 — The Power of Attitude
(Attitude) Attitude is everything

Segment 13 — “Yeah, but…”
(Personal / Professional Development) An impediment to change

Segment 14 — How Hard is it to Say Hello?
(Sales Process Training) Proper greeting sets the stage

Segment 15 — Life is a Choice
(Attitude) Choose wisely

Segment 16 — “I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere”
(Negotiating / Closing) Bluff, mistake, or valid?

Segment 17 — Increasing Write-Ups
(Sales Process Training) Increased write-ups equals increased sales

Segment 18 — Questions to Avoid
(Communication) Don’t undermine your effectiveness

Segment 19 — Optimism vs. Pessimism
(Attitude) Which do you choose?

Segment 20 — 10 Elements of Success
(Personal / Professional Development) Let’s get it right

Segment 21 — 11 Things Students WILL NOT Learn in School
(Other) What students don’t learn in school

Segment 22 — Value of an Effective T. O.
(Sales Process Training) Second chance at a sale

Segment 23 — 9 Things To Give Up
(Other) Give up to get more

Segment 24 — 5 Things That Persuasive People Do
(Negotiating / Closing) Be a persuader of people

Segment 25 — Why Is the Buyer Anxious?
(Other) Perhaps because you are

Segment 26 — Why Did You Lose the Sale?
(Building Value) Make the necessary changes

Segment 27 — Become a Better Writer
(Communication) Emails, texts, articles, blogs

Segment 28 — Do What Is Right
(Personal / Professional Development) Not sometimes – all the time

Segment 29 — Daily Activity Habits
(Personal / Professional Development) Using the “Social Hour”

Segment 30 — Asking for Referrals
(Personal / Professional Development) Asking the correct way

Segment 31 — Controlling Reconditioning Expense
(Negotiating / Closing) Saving gross profit

Segment 32 — Passive Ways to Ask for Referrals
(Personal / Professional Development) A coward’s way to referrals

Segment 33 — Commission Generators
(Personal / Professional Development) Focus on the money-makers

Segment 34 — Procrastination
(Attitude) No-win situation

Segment 35 — How to Change a Bad Day
(Attitude) Lifting yourself up

Segment 36 — Trade Walk Follow up
(Sales Process Training) Where, how, when?

Segment 37 — Risk Factor
(Other) Lower the risk, greater the reward

Segment 38 — Double Your Chances of YES
(Communication) Simple and easy technique

Segment 39 — Perceptions
(Other) All that matters

Segment 40 — 20 Ways to Increase Sales
(Personal / Professional Development) Make the most of your time

Segment 41 — Comfort and Familiarity
(Building Value) Keys to relaxing customers

Segment 42 — Smile – You Are on Display
(Attitude) Free, but invaluable

Segment 43—Kill Them With Kindness
(Other) Even when customers are unkind

Segment 44 — Self Discipline
(Personal / Professional Development) Overcoming Obstacles

Segment 45 — Preparation Wins
(Sales Process Training) Be a Boy Scout

Segment 46— Truly Listen to Understand
(Communication) Don’t merely hear

Segment 47 — Handle Resistance Like They Do in Mexico
(Negotiating / Closing) Be oblivious to “No”

Segment 48 — Asking for the Survey
(Other) CSI is too important to ignore

Segment 49 — Road to the Sale – Passé?
(Sales Process Training) Absolutely not!

Segment 50 — One More
(Personal / Professional Development) Taking the extra step

Segment 51 — Every Customer Has a Problem
(Other) What customers really want from you

Segment 52 — SP Personal Evaluation
(Personal / Professional Development) Identifying challenges and opportunities

Segment 53 —3 Ways to Enhance Objection Responses
(Communication) Ideas to communicate more effectively

Segment 54 — Urgency in Sales
(Building Value) Create that “must-have” desire

Segment 55 — Words Mean Things – Part 1
(Communication) Choose your words to maximize impact

Segment 56 — Words Mean Things – Part 2
(Communication) Create positive association with your word choices

Segment 57 —”I want to think about it”
(Negotiating / Closing) Your customer ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT IT

Segment 58 — Stop Looking at the Big Picture
(Sales Process Training) Focus on the “small picture”

Segment 59 — “I can’t because…”
(Attitude) Take personal responsibility for your life

Segment 60 — Let the Mental Games Begin
(Attitude) The space between your ears

Segment 61 — The “1 –10” Close
(Negotiating / Closing) Tackling the most common vague objection

Segment 62 — The Meaningful Delivery
(Sales Process Training) Making the delivery special

Segment 63 — Outstanding Customer Service – Part 1
(Building Value) The “WOW” Factor

Segment 64 — Outstanding Customer Service – Part 2
(Building Value) Fundamentals of great service

Segment 65 — Outstanding Customer Service – Part 3
(Building Value) Specific techniques for customer service

Segment 66 — Outstanding Customer Service – Part 4
(Building Value) More specific techniques for customer service

Segment 67 — Soften the Objection First
(Negotiating / Closing) Take the fight out of it

Segment 68 — Making Objections Work for You
(Negotiating / Closing) Turn the objection into a question

Segment 69 — Collapsing Confrontation – Part 1
(Other) Comes in many forms

Segment 70 — Collapsing Confrontation – Part 2
(Other) Taking conflict out of the equation

Segment 71 — Reducing to the Ridiculous
(Negotiating / Closing) Using small numbers to your advantage

Segment 72 — The Power of the Pause
(Communication) Effective listeners understand when and why to pause

Segment 73 — Closing with Confidence, Conviction and Enthusiasm
(Attitude) Confidence is contagious

Segment 74 — Role of Conviction in Selling
(Attitude) Conviction leads to persistence

Segment 75 — Enthusiasm = Success
(Attitude) Enthusiasm Sells!

Segment 76 — Is Perception Reality?
(Personal / Professional Development) Using perception to benefit the cause

Segment 77 — Fear and First Impressions
(Building Value) Using first impressions to overcome customer fear

Segment 78 — Classic Closes: Buyer’s Order
(Negotiating / Closing) Making use of assumptive questions

Segment 79 — More Classic Closes
(Negotiating / Closing) Alternate of Choice; Returning the Question; Puppy Dog

Segment 80 — Classic Closes: T Close
(Negotiating / Closing) Helping customers sell themselves

Segment 81 — Shortcuts Create Short Paychecks – Part 1
(Sales Process Training) Giving 100%

Segment 82 — Shortcuts Create Short Paychecks – Part 2
(Sales Process Training) Where are you losing money?

Segment 83 — Words Do Matter
(Communication Skills) Don’t be nonchalant about words

Segment 84 — When is Too Much Follow-Up?
(Personal / Professional Development) Constant follow-up beats the odds

Segment 85 — Use Personal / Professional Development to Explode Your Career
(Personal / Professional Development) Eliminating the “Hope System”

Segment 86 — Determine to Be Different – Part 1
(Other) Rising above the competition

Segment 87 — Determine to Be Different – Part 2
(Other) Becoming the obvious choice

Segment 88 — Determine to Be Different – Part 3
(Other) Be the person you can be

Segment 89 — Sell Like You Are Brand New 
(Personal / Professional Development) Avoiding an all-too-common mistake

Segment 90 — Dealing with Slowdowns – Part 1
(Personal / Professional Development) Tips to overcome inevitable slowdowns

Segment 91 — Dealing with Slowdowns – Part 2 
(Personal / Professional Development) Tips to overcome inevitable slowdowns

Segment 92 — Make Small Commitments 
(Personal / Professional Development) Becoming a more productive person

Segment 93 — Make It A Career – Part 1
(Attitude) It is not just a job

Segment 94 — Make It A Career – Part 2
(Attitude) Commitment creates success

Segment 95 — Change Your Leasing Vocabulary
(Communication) Avoid customer confusion

Segment 96 — Prospecting in Service
(Personal / Professional Development) An overlooked opportunity

Segment 97 — Knock It Off!
(Attitude) Blame Game is a waste of time

Segment 98 — Using Psychology When Seeking Referrals
(Personal / Professional Development) “May I ask a small favor?”

Segment 99 — Don’t Drop Your Price Needlessly
(Negotiating / Closing) Buyers exploit perceived weakness

Segment 100 — Common Words and Phrases to Avoid
(Communication) Jargon and abbreviations to eliminate

Segment 101 — Take Care of Customers, They Take Care of You
(Personal / Professional Development) Each compliments the others

Segment 102 — Control What You Can Control
(Attitude) Don’t get side-tracked

Segment 103 — Let the Car Be the Star of the Show
(Sales Process Training) Accentuate the demo drive

Segment 104 — “Sales, Johnny”
(Sales Process Training) Lost opportunity on the phone

Segment 105 – Trifecta of Questions
(Building Value) You need to answer them all

Segment 106 – Negotiate on Terms & Options, NOT Price
(Negotiating/Closing) Tactics that work

Segment 107 – Reputation Is Profit
(Building Value) You ARE your reputation

Segment 108 – Using Technology to Retain Gross Profit
(Building Value) Technology can save money

Segment 109 – Common Denominators of Unsuccessful Salespeople, Part 1
(Personal & Professional Development) Know what NOT to do

Segment 110 – Common Denominators of Unsuccessful Salespeople, Part 2
(Personal & Professional Development) Know what NOT to do

Segment 111 – Old School vs New School
(Sales Process Training) Both work – if you do it

Segment 112 – “Anything Else”
(Communication Skills) Uncovering needs & wants

Segment 113 – Overcoming Fear of Phones
(Communication Skills) Destroying call reluctance

Segment 114 – “Too Much Money”
(Negotiating & Closing) “Reducing to the Ridiculous”

Segment 115 — 12 Quotes for Sales Success
(Personal & Professional Development) Inspiration in a single sentence

Segment 116 — Agree First to Overcome Objections
(Negotiating/Closing) Relax customers to open their minds

Segment 117 — When You Cave – You Give Up Profit
(Negotiating/Closing) Reacting to comments about price

Segment 118 — “The Tip of the Iceberg”
(Communication Skills) The best information is beneath the surface

Segment 119 — Don’t Talk Past the Sale
(Sales Process Training) Watch for buying signals




5 Principals of Success (1 segment)

5 Principals of Success
5 principles of success


32+ Video Segments


Desking / Maximizing Sales and Gross (14 segments)

Segment 1- Introduction; Your Leadership Role
Introduction; Maximizing your management and leadership role

Segment 2 – Getting Mentally Fixed Before the Proposal
The salesperson’s effectiveness with proposals

Segment 3 – 3-Step Negotiating Technique, Part 1
Controlling negotiating gaps; Phase I of Three-Step Technique

Segment 4 – 3-Step Negotiating Technique, Part 2
Exercising your power to hold gross; Phase II of Three-Step Technique

Segment 5 – 3-Step Negotiating Technique, Part 3
Speeding up negotiations; Phase III of Three-Step Technique

Segment 6 – The Good News Compromise
Delivering the proposal and counter-offer as “good news”

Segment 7 – The BEST Last Two Questions Before Desking the Deal
Know where you stand before desking the deal

Segment 8 – Trade Number Request
Help your customer be less unrealistic about their trade value

Segment 9 – Maximizing Money Down, Part 1
Keeping the team dialed in on maximizing money down — don’t assume what they say here

Segment 10 – Maximizing Money Down, Part 2
Getting all you can get — transferring the payment responsibility to the customer

Segment 11 – Asking for the Business
Asking for the business with courage and conviction, or starve

Segment 12 Tracking “G.A.P.” (Giving Away Profit)
Staying closer to the internet pricing

Segment 13 – Winning More with Visual Tools Review – Part 1
Visual tools to maximize selling effectiveness

Segment 14 – Winning More with Visual Tools Review – Part 2
More visual tools to maximize selling effectiveness

Strengthening Your Sales Process (5 segments)

Segment 1 – Sales Process, Part 1
The sales process hasn’t changed much – it is still vital to success

Segment 2 – Sales Process, Part 2
Letting out the sales process rope — a little or a lot?

Segment 3 – Stop the Shortcuts — No More Surrendering!
Don’t take the bait — use full sales process every time

Segment 4 – Really, Really Selling Dealership Value
Selling the dealership’s “Sizzle”

Segment 5 – Meeting the Customer Early in the Visit
Proactive efforts that improve sales results

More Coming Soon!



Recruiting / Interviewing / Proper Launch (10 segments)

Segment 1 – Why Some Salespeople Leave – Part 1
Recognizing controllable issues to minimize turnover

Segment 2 – Why Some Salespeople Leave – Part 2
Additional causes of salesperson defection

Segment 3 – Recruiting Ideas – Part 1
Strategies to seek out great candidates

Segment 4 – Recruiting Ideas – Part 2
Simple, low-cost opportunities for recruiting

Segment 5 – Cultivating the Bottom 20%
Re-recruiting some on your team

Segment 6 – Recruiting Projects – Part 1
Fine tuning your recruiting efforts

Segment 7 – Recruiting Projects – Part 2
Selecting the most qualified candidates

Segment 8 – New Hire Orientation
Proper orientations pay big dividends

Segment 9 – Creating Self-Marketing Experts – Part 1
Forming good prospecting habits early, engaging employees with driving traffic

Segment 10 – Creating Self-Marketing Experts – Part 2
Staying on customer radar with PMAs

Leadership Tips (1 segment)

Segment 1 – Lead by Example
Creating a Dynamic Culture

More Coming Soon!

Sales Meetings and Training Sessions (3 segments)

Coming Soon!

Performance Tracking and Accountability (2 segments)

Segment 1 – Trial Period Evaluation and Competency Snapshots
Leading Salespeople to improvements through tracking and counseling

Segment 2 – Strengths/Areas For Improvement
A counseling process to continue Salesperson’s growth

More Coming Soon!


33+ Video Segments


F & I - Introduction and Overview (3 segments)

Segment 1 – Introduction to F & I
Introduction to Success by Design

Segment 2 – Overview of F & I
Broad overview; Knowledge is power; Your expectations

Segment 3 – Achieving Goals and Expectations
Achieving your goals and expectations

5 Main Responsibilities of F & I (5 segments)

Segment 4 – Examining The 5 Main Responsibilities of F & I
Overview of the main responsibilities of F & I

Segment 5 – The Main Responsibilities of F & I (Part 1)
Proper delivery with full disclosure; Properly executed paperwork

Segment 6 – The Main Responsibilities of F & I (Part 2)
Properly executed paperwork con’t; Providing customer lending assistance

Segment 7 – The Main Responsibilities of F & I (Part 3)
Increasing dealership profits

Segment 8 – The Main Responsibilities of F & I (Part 4)
Continuing education of salespeople to help F & I

Menu Selling (7 segments)

Segment 9 – Identifying Different F&I Selling Systems
Identifying Different F&I Selling Systems

Segment 10 – Menu Selling
Advantage of Menu Selling

Segment 11 – Types of Menus
Advantages & Disadvantages

Segment 12 – Menu Selling
Initial Introduction & Verification Process

Segment 13 – Menu Selling
Preparing for the Menu Presentation

Segment 14 – Menu Selling
Setting the Stage & Initial Disclosures

Segment 15 – Menu Selling
Actual Menu Presentation

Overcoming Objections (8 segments)

Segment 21 – F & I Objections – Money Closes – Part 1
Using money vs value to close F & I product sales

Segment 22 – F & I Objections – Money Closes – Part 2
99.9%, Space Shuttle, Advanced Technology and Budget Closes

Segment 23 – F & I Objections – Vehicle Service Contracts – Part 1
The Value and Benefits of VSC

Segment 24 – F & I Objections – Vehicle Service Contracts – Part 2
Appropriate responses for VSC objections

Segment 25 – F & I Objections – F & I Objections – Guaranteed Asset Protection
Appropriate responses for GAP objections

Segment 26 – F & I Objections – Window Etch (Theft Deterrent) Tire & Wheel Protection
Appropriate responses for Etch and Tire & Wheel objections

Segment 27 – F & I Objections – Credit Life & Disability
Appropriate responses for Credit Life and Credit Disability objections

Segment 28 – “Cash” and Credit Union Conversions
Techniques for converting Cash and Credit Union buyers

Acquiring Lender Approval (5 segments)

Segment 16 – Acquiring Lender Approval – Part 1
Importance of Lender Relationships

Segment 17 – Acquiring Lender Approval – Part 2
Seeing deals through the eyes of a lender

Segment 18 – Acquiring Lender Approval – Part 3
The 4 C’s of credit – Capacity, Collateral, Credit and Character

Segment 19 – Acquiring Lender Approval – Part 4
Proper Deal Structure

Segment 20 – Acquiring Lender Approval – Part 5
Valuable thoughts on gaining lender approval for our customers

Enhanced Selling Skills (5 segments)

Segment 29 – Lessons from Lombardi
Becoming “Brilliant at the Basics”

Segment 30 – The Mistakes We Cannot Afford To Make
You can’t think like you used to because doing things as before is counter-productive.

Segment 31 – Negative Perceptions
Turning negatives into positives

Segment 32 – Are You Making The Most Of Used Car Opportunities?
Making opportunities in F & I with used cars

Segment 33 – Time is of the Essence
Making the most of your time


106+ Video Segments


UPDATED! Service Advisor Performance Plus - Road to the Sale 2021 (22 segments)

Segment 1 – Introduction
Introduction to the Service Advisors

Segment 2 – Price vs Value
Understanding the concept of Price vs. Value Relationship

Segment 3 – The Greeting and Reception – Part 1
The elements of the “Meet and Greet”

Segment 4 – The Greeting and Reception – Part 2
The Greeting and Reception continued

Segment 5 – Addressing Customer Concerns – Part 1
How to address the customer’s concerns

Segment 6 – Addressing Customer Concerns – Part 2
The importance of communication between customer and Service Advisor

Segment 7 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 1
Taking control of the vehicle walk-around

Segment 8 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 2
The actual process of the vehicle walk-around

Segment 9 – Selling from Service History
Why is reviewing service history important?

Segment 10 – The Sales Presentation
Why you must make the Sales Presentation to every customer

Segment 11 – Advanced Sales Techniques – Feature and Benefit Selling
The difference between just selling Features and Features & Benefit Selling

Segment 12 – Handling Objections
Objections are your Friend!

Segment 13 – Eliminating Objections Before They Arise
Tips to explain “why” to the customer

Segment 14 – Ten Common Objections, Part 1
How to handle the 10 most common objections, Part 1

Segment 15 – Ten Common Objections, Part 2
How to handle the 10 most common objections, Part 2

Segment 16 – Completing the Write-Up
Why the Write-Up is so important

Segment 17 – Proactive Communications
How and why you should be proactive in your communication with customers

Segment 18 – The Active Delivery, Part 1
The importance of a good delivery of a customer vehicle, Part 1

Segment 19 – The Active Delivery, Part 2
The importance of a good delivery of a customer vehicle, Part 2

Segment 20 – Follow-Up, Part 1
How to perform a professional follow-up, Part 1

Segment 21 – Follow-Up, Part 2
How to perform a professional follow-up, Part 2

Segment 22 – Commitment to Excellence
Your continued success in being a Professional Service Advisor

12 Foolproof Ways to Increase Service Sales & Customer Retention (14 segments)

Segment 1 – Obstacles and Solutions for Increased Sales
Obstacles and Solutions

Segment 2 – “Grandma Rule” – Performing Effective Walkarounds
“Grandma Rule”, Performing Effective Walkarounds

Segment 3 – Always Share Value Before Quoting Price
Always Share Value Before Quoting Price

Segment 4 – Verbal and Non-verbal Communications Skills
Verbal and Non-verbal Communications Skills

Segment 5 – Capitalizing on Electronic Communications
Capitalizing on Electronic Communications

Segment 6 – Effective Use of Menu Presentations- Ask Every Caller for an Appointment
Effective Use of Menu Presentations – Ask Every Caller for an Appointment

Segment 7 – Follow-up on ALL Declined Services and Phone Quotes
Follow–up on ALL Declined Services and Phone Quotes

Segment 8 – Setting Next Appointment / Effectively Ask for Referrals
Setting Next Appointment / Effectively Ask for Referrals

Segment 9 – Magic of the Active Delivery
Magic of the Active Delivery

Segment 10 – Amazing Customer Service
Amazing Customer Service

Segment 11- Specific Techniques for Great Customer Service
Specific Techniques for Great Customer Service

Segment 12 – 10 Keys to Handle Objections
10 Keys to Handle Objections

Segment 13 – Handling Specific Objections (Part 1)
Handling Specific Objections (Part 1)

Segment 14 – Handling Specific Objections (Part 2)
Handling Specific Objections (Part 2)

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Overcoming Objections (16 segments)

Segment 1 – Objections Are Your Friends
Why objections are important in the selling process. How to handle and overcome typical objections.

Segment 2 – I Don’t Have the Money
Understanding what’s behind this objection and some key phrases and role-play to close the deal.

Segment 3 – I Thought This Maintenance Was Covered Under Warranty
Ways to address customer misperceptions about what warranty does or does not cover.”

Segment 4 – I’ll Do It Next Time
How to proactively address this common objection and earn the business today.

Segment 5 – I Do My Own Maintenance Work
How to address this objection and the key points and power phrases to use to get this business.

Segment 6 – I Need To Talk To My Spouse
How to deal with the “third baseman” and address this objection to close the deal.

Segment 7 – I Don’t Have Time Today
How to deal with this frequent objection/excuse on a proactive and reactive basis.

Segment 8 – I Have a Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty
How to address this misperception by utilizing the customer’s warranty book and position ourselves on the side of the customer.

Segment 9 – Just Go Ahead and Do the Oil Change, and I’ll Wait to do the Rest
If we don’t take the time to build value in our maintenance presentation, then we will hear this objection often.

Segment 10 – All You’re Doing Is Inspecting My Vehicle
Techniques & word tracks to overcome this common objection (especially with maintenance menus).

Segment 11 – Those Services Aren’t In My Owner’s Manual
How to address this objection and utilize the owner’s manual to sell more service with credibility.

Segment 12 – Will this void my warranty if I don’t have this maintenance done?
How to deal with this objection/question in a non-negative or threatening way and still close the deal.

Segment 13 – I’ve Never Had To Do This Service Before
How to educate our customers as to the complexity of today’s vehicles and the need to perform critical services and inspections.

Segment 14 – I Don’t Need Any Maintenance Until 100,000 Miles
How to overcome this misperception in a positive and profitable way.

Segment 15 – Just Do the Warranty. My Mechanic Does All the Maintenance
How to overcome the objection and earn the customer’s business.

Segment 16 – I’m going to be selling or trading my vehicle soon
Power phrases to use when presented with this particular objection from a customer.

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Advanced Selling Techniques (18 segments)

Segment 1 – Improving Your Closing Ratio
How to utilize a simple but effective follow-up system that will help you close more estimates/quotes

Segment 2 – How to Sell Tires and Batteries
How to sell these products, compete with aftermarket competitors, and retain your customers

Segment 3 – Selling “Total Fluid Exchanges” in Today’s Market Part 1
Advantages & benefits of Brake and Power Steering Fluid Exchanges

Segment 4 – Selling “Total Fluid Exchanges” in Today’s Market Part 2
Advantages & benefits of Transmission and Cooling Fluid Exchanges

Segment 5 – How to Sell Diagnosis
Customers resist paying for diagnosis because we often don’t take the time to build its value

Segment 6 – Extended Maintenance Intervals – What is the Right Recommendation?
Manufacturer’s intervals are a minimum requirement. We’ll explore what we call the Grandma Rule.

Segment 7 – How to Up-Sell with Confidence and Integrity
Doing the proper job for both the customer and the dealership.

Segment 8 – How to Sell Minor Services
How to present these add-ons to increase sales per repair order

Segment 9 – Closing Techniques (Part 1)
Discussing various closing techniques

Segment 10 – Additional Closing Techniques
Completing our discussion about closing and closing techniques

Segment 11 – How Customer Fear Affects Your Performance
How a customer’s fear may affect your performance

Segment 12 – Words, Signs and Symbols that Create Negative Impressions
Discussing words, signs & symbols that create negative impressions on our customers.

Segment 13 – How to Handle the Phone Shopper
How to Handle the Phone Shopper

Segment 14 – Be Careful of the Words and Acronyms You Use
Some of the words & acronyms that you need to be careful not to use or over use when dealing with customers.

Segment 15 – Handling the “Just need an oil change” customer and Increasing their Profitability
Discuss the “just need an oil change” customer and how to increase their profitability to your service department.

Segment 16 – Closing the Rude or Skeptical Customer
Closing the Rude or Skeptical Customer

Segment 17 – How to Make the Follow-up Sales Call
How to Make the Follow-up Sales Call

Segment 18 – Closing the Unsure Customer
Closing the Unsure Customer

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Customer Handling Skills (16 segments)

Segment 1 – Dealing with the “Know It All” Customer
How to win over this customer and avoid lose-lose confrontations.

Segment 2 – “What’s Your Labor Rate?”
Why this question comes up; how to handle it when it does; and how to avoid creating the problem in the first place.

Segment 3 – The Upset Customer, When It Is Our Fault
Phrases to say and things to avoid to succeed in satisfying and retaining this customer.

Segment 4 – Male vs Female customers
A sensitive and important topic of how to handle the different sexes.

Segment 5 – Managing Customer’s Expectations – Under-Promise and Over-Deliver
How to reduce customer expectations so that we can exceed their expectations in four critical areas.

Segment 6 – The Upset Customer, When It Is The Vehicle’s Fault
How to become a hero to this customer instead of the enemy.

Segment 7 – Quality Control Pays
Reduce comebacks, customer inconvenience, low CSI, and “heat”.

Segment 8 – Perception vs Reality As It Relates To Dealership Quality
How to build positive perceptions and reverse negative perceptions concerning our quality of work.

Segment 9 – Managing The Customer’s Time Expectation
Understanding the importance of time to the customer. How to under-promise and over-deliver.

Segment 10 – The Upset Customer, When It Is The Customer’s Fault
How to handle and retain this customer when it’s clearly the customer’s fault.

Segment 11 – Handling The “Laundry List Customer”
How to make this particular customer a profitable one instead of one we run away from.

Segment 12 – The Customer Who Requests A Repair That Is Out Of Warranty
How to turn this request into additional customer paid sales while not increasing your warranty expense per vehicle.

Segment 13 – “My Check Engine Light Is On; Can You Just Reset It?”
How to separate scans from diagnosis and use scans as a way to sell more diagnosis.

Segment 14 – Comebacks Are a Killer
The main causes of comebacks and what we can do to correct these causes.

Segment 15 – How To Ensure Your Customers Are Completely Satisfied
The key elements necessary to achieve “completely satisfied” customers to provide us with long-term and profitable business

Segment 16 – Keep The Customer With a Problem From Becoming A Problem Customer
Often our actions can escalate the problem instead of relieving it.

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Personal Success Strategies (12 segments)

Segment 1 – Setting and Achieving Your Goals
Goal setting strategies and other techniques that can help make your career more enjoying and rewarding.

Segment 2 – The Used Car Department – What Do They Really Want?
Your used car department is (or should be) your best customer. What you can do as a Service Advisor to build and/or maintain this valuable business.

Segment 3 – Managing Your Relationship with the Parts Department
The parts department and service department are like brother and sister and have to maintain a good working relationship for the benefit of the ultimate boss, the customer.

Segment 4 – How to Maintain a Positive Attitude
Maintaining a positive attitude in what could be a negative climate is critical to Service Advisor sales success and a high CSI.

Segment 5 – Dealing with the Slow Periods
We’ll discuss how to drum up business from our existing customers rather than “shoot-from-the-hip” advertising.

Segment 6 – Managing Your Relationships with the Technicians
How advisors should interact and maintain critical working relationships with the technicians.

Segment 7 – Discounting on the Service Drive
Unauthorized discounting, misuse of coupons, missed estimates, and the numerous negative effects unauthorized discounting has on your service business.

Segment 8 – How to Effectively Load Your Shop
Fear of carryovers tends to create poor work productivity in our shop. How to increase throughput, labor sales, and our income.

Segment 9 – Managing Your Relationship with the New Vehicle Department
How to maximize your relationship with your new and used vehicle departments.

Segment 10 – Time Management – What Do You Do When You Can’t Do It All?
How to be more efficient with the time available by being pro-active and by using available dealership resources.

Segment 11 – Ethics and Legalities
We must make every effort to avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation. How to handle customer situations ethically.

Segment 12 – Managing Your Relationships with Other Service Advisors
How to maintain these relationships, just like any important relationship.

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Selling Specific Services (Features, Advantages & Benefits) (8 segments)

Segment 1 –Tire Rotations
How to sell even the simplest of jobs by building value through the use of features, advantages and benefits

Segment 2 –Balance & Alignment
How to sell even the simplest of jobs by building value through the use of features, advantages and benefits

Segment 3 – Cooling System Service
How to sell this service with credibility and professionalism by using FAB selling

Segment 4 – Brake Service
We created our competition by being uncompetitive; now it’s time to win back our customers

Segment 5 – Transmission Service
Most customers don’t know what we do on a transmission service. That’s why it is important to discuss the features, advantages, & benefits of our service.

Segment 6 – A/C Service
If we don’t build value and just shoot prices for this service — you guessed it — the customers are going somewhere else

Segment 7 – Up-selling Tires
Unique approach to selling

Segment 8 – Check Engine Light – Selling Diagnosis
Building value in performing diagnosis


43+ Video Segments


NEW! Service 2-Minute Drill (43+ segments)

Segment 1 – Why Have a “Road to the Sale”?
(Building Value) Follow the process

Segment 2 – Obstacles and Excuses
(Attitude) Factors affecting success

Segment 3 – Don’t Gamble with Your Success
(Building Value) Increase your odds

Segment 4 – Justifications and Solutions
(Other) Making sense of solutions

Segment 5 – Power of Attitude
(Attitude) Attitude is everything

Segment 6 – The Grandma Rule
(Other) Treat each customer as you would your own grandmother

Segment 7 – “Yeah, but …”
(Personal & Professional Development) An impediment to change

Segment 8 – Importance of the Walkaround
(Building Value) 4 good reasons for a thorough walk-around

Segment 9 – Persuasive Psychology
(Negotiating/Closing) “Because” is the key

Segment 10 – Selling Tires – How and Why
(Building Value) A unique approach to selling (scripts)

Segment 11 – Why Is the Buyer Anxious?
(Other) Perhaps because you are

Segment 12 – Value Before Price
(Building Value) The perceived value must exceed the price

Segment 13 – Asking for Referrals
(Personal & Professional Development) Asking correctly

Segment 14 – Positive Word Choices
(Communication) Choose your words carefully

Segment 15 – Perceptions
(Other) All that matters

Segment 16 – Appealing Communication
(Communication) Good vs. poor communication

Segment 17 – Kill Them with Kindness
(Other) Even when customers are unkind

Segment 18 – Improving Email Communications
(Communication) Maximize your effectiveness

Segment 19 – Listening to Understand
(Communication) Don’t merely hear

Segment 20 – Improving Text Communication
(Communication) Rules for business etiquette

Segment 21 – “I can’t because …”
(Attitude) Take personal responsibility for your life

Segment 22 – Effective Menu Presentations
(Negotiating/Closing) The power of menus

Segment 23 – Let the Mental Games Begin
(Attitude) The space between your ears

Segment 24 – Ask Every Caller
(Negotiating/Closing) Ask every caller for an appointment

Segment 25 – The “1 – 10” Close
(Negotiating/Closing) Tackling the most common vague objection

Segment 26 – Follow-up on Declined Services
(Negotiating/Closing) Every call creates a possible “yes” answer

Segment 27 – Automatically Set Up Next Appointment
(Other) Be proactive in setting the next service appointment

Segment 28 – Getting Referrals
(Other) Personal recommendations make a difference

Segment 29 – Active Delivery – Part 1
(Building Value) Importance of a good delivery to customer (Part 1)

Segment 30 – Active Delivery – Part 2
(Building Value) Importance of a good delivery to customer (Part 2)

Segment 31 – Soften the Objection
(Negotiating/Closing) Take the fight out of it

Segment 32 – Outstanding Customer Service (Part 1)
(Building Value) The “WOW” factor

Segment 33 – Outstanding Customer Service (Part 2)
(Building Value) Fundamentals of great service

Segment 34 – Outstanding Customer Service (Part 3)
(Building Value) Specific techniques for customer service

Segment 35 – Outstanding Customer Service (Part 4)
(Building Value) Specific techniques for customer service

Segment 36 – Extended Maintenance Intervals (Part 1)
(Other) Combating manufacturer’s folly

Segment 37 – Extended Maintenance Intervals (Part 2)
(Other) Proper communication with customers

Segment 38 – Common Words and Phrases to Avoid
(Communication Skills) Jargon and abbreviations to eliminate

Segment 39 – The Power of the Pause
(Communication Skills) Effective listeners understand when and why to pause

Segment 40 – Enthusiasm = Success
(Attitude) Enthusiasm Sells!

Segment 41 – Words Do Matter
(Communication Skills) Don’t be nonchalant about words

Segment 42 – Make Small Commitments
(Personal & Professional Development) Becoming a more productive person

Segment 43 – Don’t Drop Your Price Needlessly
(Negotiating/Closing) Buyers exploit perceived weakness


19+ Video Segments


Professional Service Management - The Initial Foundation (17 segments)

Segment 1 – Today’s Service Business: The Big Picture
Today’s Service Business: The Big Picture

Segment 2 – Characteristics of Professional Service Managers
Characteristics of professional service managers and the key elements inherent in their job.

Segment 3 – Common Traits of Market Leaders
Discussing the Common Traits of Market Leaders

Segment 4 – Leadership Techniques
The leadership techniques necessary to be a professional service manager.

Segment 5 – Billable and Billed Hours: It All Starts Here
What is it that we sell in service?

Segment 6 – Maximizing Flat Rate Hours per RO Throughout the Ownership Cycle
Overview of the critical elements involved in maximizing flat rate hours per repair order throughout the ownership cycle.

Segment 7 – Sales Tools
How to develop and fully utilize Sales Tools.

Segment 8 – Maximizing Repair Orders Count
Without repair orders you have no sales.

Segment 9 – Market-driven Pricing
Pricing products/services based on the competition

Segment 10 – Maximizing Labor Gross Profit
The lifeblood of your service business

Segment 11 – The Service Sales Manager
Sales – one of the most important facets of your position

Segment 12 – Customer Retention
Key to long-term success

Segment 13 – Customer Conquest
Marketing to and capturing new customers

Segment 14 – 6 Specific Ways to Increase Service Profitability
Strategies to insure profitability

Segment 15 – Making Service More Convenient – New!
Strategies to appeal to the convenience factor that is important to customers

Segment 16 – Service Advisor Pay Plans – New!
Creating pay plans that motivate performance

Segment 17 – One-stop Shopping – New!
Becoming the only place customers need to go for their service needs

Service Cashier (1 segment)

Segment 1 – Service Cashier
Cashiers impact on a successful service delivery

Service Drive Attendant (1 segment)

Segment 1 – Service Drive Attendant
Delivering a positive and memorable service experience



Human Resources (1 segment)

Segment 1 – Harassment and Discrimination Policy
Avoiding harassment; Discrimination and intolerance in the workplace


3+ Video Segments


Receptionist (3 segments)

Receptionist – Part 1
Philosophical & physical aspects of phone communication; Effective listening

Receptionist – Part 2
Exceptional leadership and how to thrive in a challenging market

Receptionist – Part 3
Effectively handling the angry customer

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