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•  New hires needing a strong Service Advisor sales process foundation

  Existing staff that you want to take to the next level

•  Underperformers — whose job is at risk!



12 Foolproof Ways to Increase Service Sales & Customer Retention (14 segments)

Segment 1 – Obstacles and Solutions for Increased Sales
Obstacles and Solutions

Segment 2 – “Grandma Rule” – Performing Effective Walkarounds
“Grandma Rule”, Performing Effective Walkarounds

Segment 3 – Always Share Value Before Quoting Price
Always Share Value Before Quoting Price

Segment 4 – Verbal and Non-verbal Communications Skills
Verbal and Non-verbal Communications Skills

Segment 5 – Capitalizing on Electronic Communications
Capitalizing on Electronic Communications

Segment 6 – Effective Use of Menu Presentations- Ask Every Caller for an Appointment
Effective Use of Menu Presentations – Ask Every Caller for an Appointment

Segment 7 – Follow-up on ALL Declined Services and Phone Quotes
Follow–up on ALL Declined Services and Phone Quotes

Segment 8 – Setting Next Appointment / Effectively Ask for Referrals
Setting Next Appointment / Effectively Ask for Referrals

Segment 9 – Magic of the Active Delivery
Magic of the Active Delivery

Segment 10 – Amazing Customer Service
Amazing Customer Service

Segment 11- Specific Techniques for Great Customer Service
Specific Techniques for Great Customer Service

Segment 12 – 10 Keys to Handle Objections
10 Keys to Handle Objections

Segment 13 – Handling Specific Objections (Part 1)
Handling Specific Objections (Part 1)

Segment 14 – Handling Specific Objections (Part 2)
Handling Specific Objections (Part 2)

UPDATED! Service Advisor Performance Plus - Road to the Sale (22 segments)

Segment 1 – Introduction
Introduction to the Service Advisors

Segment 2 – Price vs Value
Understanding the concept of Price vs. Value Relationship

Segment 3 – The Greeting and Reception – Part 1
The elements of the “Meet and Greet”

Segment 4 – The Greeting and Reception – Part 2
The Greeting and Reception continued

Segment 5 – Addressing Customer Concerns – Part 1
How to address the customer’s concerns

Segment 6 – Addressing Customer Concerns – Part 2
The importance of communication between customer and Service Advisor

Segment 7 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 1
Taking control of the vehicle walk-around

Segment 8 – Vehicle Walk-around – Part 2
The actual process of the vehicle walk-around

Segment 9 – Selling from Service History
Why is reviewing service history important?

Segment 10 – The Sales Presentation
Why you must make the Sales Presentation to every customer

Segment 11 – Advanced Sales Techniques – Feature and Benefit Selling
The difference between just selling Features and Features & Benefit Selling

Segment 12 – Handling Objections
Objections are your Friend!

Segment 13 – Eliminating Objections Before They Arise
Tips to explain “why” to the customer

Segment 14 – Ten Common Objections, Part 1
How to handle the 10 most common objections, Part 1

Segment 15 – Ten Common Objections, Part 2
How to handle the 10 most common objections, Part 2

Segment 16 – Completing the Write-Up
Why the Write-Up is so important

Segment 17 – Proactive Communications
How and why you should be proactive in your communication with customers

Segment 18 – The Active Delivery, Part 1
The importance of a good delivery of a customer vehicle, Part 1

Segment 19 – The Active Delivery, Part 2
The importance of a good delivery of a customer vehicle, Part 2

Segment 20 – Follow-Up, Part 1
How to perform a professional follow-up, Part 1

Segment 21 – Follow-Up, Part 2
How to perform a professional follow-up, Part 2

Segment 22 – Commitment to Excellence
Your continued success in being a Professional Service Advisor

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Selling Specific Services / Features, Advantages & Benefits (8 segments)

Segment 1 – Rotate, Balance, Alignment
How to sell even the simplest of jobs by building value through the use of features, advantages and benefits.

Segment 2 – Cooling System Service
How to sell this service with credibility and professionalism by using FAB selling.

Segment 3 – Brake Service
We created our competition by being uncompetitive, now it’s time to win back our customers

Segment 4 -Tune-ups
How to sell more of these competitive jobs and how to win back this business from our mass-merchandiser competitors.

Segment 5- Transmission Service
Most customers don’t know what we do on a transmission service. That’s why it’s important to discuss the features, advantages, & benefits of our service.

Segment 6 – A/C Service
If we don’t build value and just shoot prices for this service – you guessed it — the customers are going somewhere else.

Segment 7 – Selling Drive-Line Service
How to use FAB’s to sell more of these important services.

Segment 8 – Up-selling Tires – New!
Up-sell opportunities: Increasing tire sales

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Overcoming Objections (16 segments)

Segment 1 – Objections Are Your Friends
Why objections are important in the selling process. How to handle and overcome typical objections.

Segment 2 – I Don’t Have the Money
Understanding what’s behind this objection and some key phrases and role-play to close the deal.

Segment 3 – I Thought This Maintenance Was Covered Under Warranty
Ways to address customer misperceptions about what warranty does or does not cover.”

Segment 4 – I’ll Do It Next Time
How to proactively address this common objection and earn the business today.

Segment 5 – I Do My Own Maintenance Work
How to address this objection and the key points and power phrases to use to get this business.

Segment 6 – I Need To Talk To My Spouse
How to deal with the “third baseman” and address this objection to close the deal.

Segment 7 – I Don’t Have Time Today
How to deal with this frequent objection/excuse on a proactive and reactive basis.

Segment 8 – I Have a Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty
How to address this misperception by utilizing the customer’s warranty book and position ourselves on the side of the customer.

Segment 9 – Just Go Ahead and Do the Oil Change, and I’ll Wait to do the Rest
If we don’t take the time to build value in our maintenance presentation, then we will hear this objection often.

Segment 10 – All You’re Doing Is Inspecting My Vehicle
Techniques & word tracks to overcome this common objection (especially with maintenance menus).

Segment 11 – Those Services Aren’t In My Owner’s Manual
How to address this objection and utilize the owner’s manual to sell more service with credibility.

Segment 12 – Will this void my warranty if I don’t have this maintenance done?
How to deal with this objection/question in a non-negative or threatening way and still close the deal.

Segment 13 – I’ve Never Had To Do This Service Before
How to educate our customers as to the complexity of today’s vehicles and the need to perform critical services and inspections.

Segment 14 – I Don’t Need Any Maintenance Until 100,000 Miles
How to overcome this misperception in a positive and profitable way.

Segment 15 – Just Do the Warranty. My Mechanic Does All the Maintenance
How to overcome the objection and earn the customer’s business.

Segment 16 – I’m going to be selling or trading my vehicle soon
Power phrases to use when presented with this particular objection from a customer.

Service Advisor Performance Plus - Personal Success Strategies (7 segments)

Segment 1 – Setting and Achieving Your Goals
Goal setting strategies and other techniques that can help make your career more enjoying and rewarding.

Segment 2 – The Used Car Department – What Do They Really Want?
Your used car department is (or should be) your best customer. What you can do as a Service Advisor to build and/or maintain this valuable business.

Segment 3 – Managing Your Relationship with the Parts Department
The parts department and service department are like brother and sister and have to maintain a good working relationship for the benefit of the ultimate boss, the customer.

Segment 4 – How to Maintain a Positive Attitude
Maintaining a positive attitude in what could be a negative climate is critical to Service Advisor sales success and a high CSI.

Segment 5 – Dealing with the Slow Periods
We’ll discuss how to drum up business from our existing customers rather than “shoot-from-the-hip” advertising.

Segment 6 – Managing Your Relationships with the Technicians
How advisors should interact and maintain critical working relationships with the technicians.

Segment 7 – Discounting on the Service Drive
Unauthorized discounting, misuse of coupons, missed estimates, and the numerous negative effects unauthorized discounting has on your service business.



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•  Limited time to commit to training employees
•  Minimal ability to train; Not all managers are well qualified to train
•  Wasted time & money spent on recruiting campaigns
•  Frustration with unprepared employees waiting on guests
•  Management unable to maintain normal duties due to training distractions
•  Unfavorable local reputation as a result of frequent employee turnover


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