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Daily, online sales training program for RV Sales professionals, powered by eRVtraining.

•  We do all of the work!
•  We deliver frequently updated, brief video assignments (Mon – Fri) to each enrolled student!
•  We keep managers informed of training progress every step of the way!


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•  New hires needing a strong sales process foundation
•  Existing staff that you want to take to the next level
•  Underperformers — whose job is at risk!



A to Z Sales Process Training NEW! (34 segments)

Segment 1 – Creating a Great Impression
Initial phase of the selling process

Segment 2 – Greetings & Reception
Professional greetings; Avoid pre-judging

Segment 3 – Building Rapport & Trust
“I’m just looking”; Tips to finding common ground

Segment 4 – Effective Verbal Communication
Importance of words; Listening skills; “Serve, don’t sell”

Segment 5 – Electronic Communication Through Emails
Maximize your effectiveness in customer communication

Segment 6 – Effective Communication Through Texts
Rules for business etiquette

Segment 7 – Trust is the Basis for Sales
Without trust price becomes the default issue

Segment 8 – Counseling / Interviewing (Part 1)
Building a customer profile; Gathering important information

Segment 9 – Counseling / Interviewing (Part 2)
Specific Questions to Ask

Segment 10 – Presenting the RV (Part 1)
Features & benefits presentation; “Selling the sizzle”

Segment 11 – Presenting the RV (Part 2)
Controlled walkarounds

Segment 12 -Demonstration Drives
Keys to creating mental ownership

Segment 13 – Trial Closing (Part 1)
Effective trial closing questions

Segment 14 – Trial Closing (Part 2) / Setting Up the Negotiations
Trial close questions; Service walk; Discussing money prematurely

Segment 15 – Pace of the Sale
How much time you spend, and where, does matter

Segment 16 -Initial Write-up / Help Your Manager Help You
Info to bring to the “desk”

Segment 17 – Maximizing the Initial Proposal
Presenting your proposal in the best light; Signals you send

Segment 18 – Initial Proposals / Negotiating Fundamentals
Basics of negotiating for successful conclusions

Segment 19 – Negotiating Tips & Techniques
More on negotiations / Clarify & isolate objections

Segment 20 – Premature Price Questions
Responses to “Best price?” “Interest rates?” “Payments?” “Trade value?”

Segment 21 – Fundamentals of Handling Objections
Overcoming customer resistance

Segment 22 -“Your Price is Too High”
Using your numbers – not theirs; 3 step negotiating technique

Segment 23 -“Not Enough For My Trade”
Dealing with unrealistic expectations

Segment 24 – “I Will Sell It Myself”
The challenge of selling privately

Segment 25 – “I’ve Got a Better Deal Elsewhere”
Keeping the customer at your dealership

Segment 26 – “I Want To Think About It”
Handling the most common objection

Segment 27 – “I Need To Talk To My Spouse”
Uncovering the real problem

Segment 28 – “I Want To Shop Around”
Discovering why and what to do

Segment 29 – Miscellaneous Closing Ideas
Tried and true closing tips

Segment 30 – Capitalizing On The Management T.O. (Turnover)
Do not let ego stand in your way

Segment 31 – Selling Pre-owned RVs
Tips on selling used

Segment 32 – The Delivery
Make it a lasting impression

Segment 33 – Follow-up For Success
Effective follow-up in today’s market

Segment 34 – The Value of Attitude
Power of a positive attitude; Tips on achieving success

Selling at the RV Show NEW! (4 segments)

Segment 1- Selling at the RV Show (Part 1)
Physical preparation; Value of image; Incorporating tablets

Segment 2 – Selling at the RV Show (Part 2)
Mental preparation; Engaging the customer; Efficiently qualifying

Segment 3 – Selling at the RV Show (Part 3)
Qualify, Understand, Inform, Propose; Selling the Deal

Segment 4 – Selling at the RV Show (Part 4)
Effective follow-up — during the Show and post-Show; “Do’s and Don’ts”

Ultimate Phone Expertise (15 segments)

Segment 1 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 1
Attitude, physical aspects to improve communication, listening skills

Segment 2 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 2
What you need to accomplish on an Incoming Sales Call, importance of phone-ups, directing the conversation

Segment 3 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 3
Answering the phone, getting a “yes” answer, closing for the appointment

Segment 4 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 4
Alternate phase 1 script

Segment 5 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 5
Common questions from callers, best appointment-closing questions

Segment 6 – Incoming Sales Calls – Part 6
Handling price questions

Segment 7 Incoming Sales Calls – Part 7
Raising the appointments made/kept ratio, solidifying their commitment to keep the appointment

Segment 8 – Handling the Tougher questions – Part 1
“What’s your best price?” “How many miles are on the RV?” “What would my payments be?” “How much will you come off the internet price?”

Segment 9 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 2
“What are your interest rates?” “What’s my trade worth?”

Segment 10 – Handling the Tougher Questions – Part 3
“What would my payments be?” “Has there been any damage to the RV?”

Segment 11 – Costly Mistakes you Must Avoid
Errors we don’t even know we’re making

Segment 12 – Outbound Calls – Part 1
Build relationships to make the most of your career

Segment 13 – Outbound Calls – Part 2
Sold follow-up day 1; sold follow-up day 5 or 10; unsold traffic follow-up; customer satisfaction; anniversary of the RV purchase; voice mail for the sold and unsold customers

Segment 14 – Outbound Calls – Part 3
Service customer, internet lead, management call-back, customer contact form

Segment 15 – The Power of Effective Voice Mail
Strategies and Scripts for the Ultimate Professional

PRINTABLE VERSION – Ultimate Phone Expertise Course Listing

RV Prospecting and Follow-Up (10 segments)

Segment 1 – Why Prospect? – New!
Why Prospect?

Segment 2 – Effective Follow-up on Sold and Unsold – New!
Doing away with the “Hope” system

Segment 3 – Service Customers (Part 1) – New!
Various ways to prospect among service customers

Segment 4 – Service Customers (Part 2) – New!
Ideas for prospecting service customers

Segment 5 – Using Personal Social Media (Part 1) – New!
Using social media to your advantage; Content is king; Often-made mistakes

Segment 6 – Using Personal Social Media (Part 2) – New!
Ability to research prospects; Highly effective way to use social media for ongoing prospecting

Segment 7 – Specific Ideas (Part 1) – New!
Market to those who bought elsewhere; Prospects everywhere; Business cards for self-promotion

Segment 8 – Specific Ideas (Part 2) – New!
Asking for referrals–the correct way; Social clubs and community involvement; Personal advertisement; New promotions; “Nest” prospecting

Segment 9 – Specific Ideas (Part 3) – New!
Make afternoon phone calls; Newsletters; Give specialty gifts

Segment 10 – Specific Ideas (Part 4) – New!
Give organized presentations; Using inspirational quotes; Make cold calls; Career-building letters and emails


The training they need, uniquely delivered, with ACCOUNTABILITY built-in!

We do all the work and always keep managers informed every step of the way! 

This is a perfect solution for RV dealers with any of the following recruiting and training challenges:

•   Limited time to commit to training employees
•   Minimal ability to train; Not all managers are well qualified to train
•   Wasted time & money spent on recruiting campaigns
•   Frustration with unprepared employees waiting on guests
•   Management unable to maintain normal duties due to training distractions
•   Unfavorable local reputation as a result of frequent employee turnover

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