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RV Sales Training Course Catalog

To view course descriptions, click the titles below:

(112 segments)

A to Z Sales Process Training NEW!
34 segments

Segment 1 - Creating a Great Impression
Initial phase of the selling process
Segment 2 - Greetings & Reception
Professional greetings; Avoid pre-judging
Segment 3 - Building Rapport & Trust
"I'm just looking"; Tips to finding common ground
Segment 4 - Effective Verbal Communication
Importance of words; Listening skills; "Serve, don't sell"
Segment 5 - Electronic Communication Through Emails
Maximize your effectiveness in customer communication
Segment 6 - Effective Communication Through Texts
Rules for business etiquette
Segment 7 - Trust is the Basis for Sales
Without trust price becomes the default issue
Segment 8 - Counseling/Interviewing (Part 1)
Building a customer profile; Gathering important information
Segment 9 - Counseling/Interviewing (Part 2) 
Specific questions to ask
Segment 10 - Presenting the RV (Part 1)
Features & benefits presentation; "Selling the sizzle"
Segment 11 - Presenting the RV (Part 2)
Controlled presentations
Segment 12 - Dynamic Demonstration Drives
Keys to creating mental ownership
Segment 13 - Trial Closing (Part 1)
Effective trial closing questions
Segment 14 - Trial Closing (Part 2) / Setting Up the Negotiations
More trial close questions; Service walk; Discussing money prematurely
Segment 15 - Pace of the Sale
How much time you spend, and where, does matter
Segment 16 - Initial Write-up / Help Your Manager Help You
Info to bring to the "desk"
Segment 17 - Maximizing the Initial Proposal
Presenting your proposal in the best light; Signals you send
Segment 18 - Initial Proposals / Negotiating Fundamentals
Basics of negotiating for successful conclusions
Segment 19 - Negotiating Tips & Techniques
More on negotiations / Clarify & isolate objections
Segment 20 - Premature Price Questions
Responses to "Best price?" "Interest rates?" "Payments?" "Trade value?"
Segment 21 - Fundamentals of Handling Objections
Overcoming customer resistance
Segment 22 - "Your Price is Too High"
Using your numbers - not theirs; 3 step negotiating technique
Segment 23 - "Not Enough For My Trade"
Dealing with unrealistic expectations
Segment 24 - "I Will Sell It Myself"
The challenge of selling privately
Segment 25 - "I've Got a Better Deal Elsewhere"
Keeping the customer at your dealership
Segment 26 - "I Want To Think About It"
Handling the most common objection
Segment 27 - "I Need To Talk To My Spouse"
Uncovering the real problem
Segment 28 - "I Want To Shop Around"
Discovering why and what to do
Segment 29 - Miscellaneous Closing Ideas
Tried and true closing techniques
Segment 30 - Capitalizing On The T.O. (Turnover)
Do not let ego stand in your way
Segment 31 - Selling Pre-owned RVs
Tips on selling used
Segment 32 - The Delivery
Make it a lasting impression
Segment 33 - Follow-up For Success
Effective follow-up in today's market
Segment 34 - The Value of Attitude
Power of a positive attitude; Tips on achieving success

Ultimate Phone Expertise
15 segments

Segment 1 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 1​
Attitude; Physical aspects to improve communication; Listening skills
Segment 2 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 2​
What you need to accomplish on an incoming sales call; Importance of phone-ups; Directing the conversation
Segment 3 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 3​
Answering the phone; Getting a "yes" answer; Closing for the appointment
Segment 4 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 4
Alternative Phase 1 Script
Segment 5 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 5
Common Questions from Callers, Best Appointment-Closing Questions
Segment 6 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 6​
Handling Price Questions

Segment 7 – Incoming Sales Calls - Part 7​
Raising the appointments made/kept ratio; Solidifying their commitment to keep the appointment
Segment 8 – Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 1
“What’s your best price?”; “How many miles are on the RV?”; “What would my payments be?”; “How much will you come off the internet price?”
Segment 9 – Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 2
“What are your interest rates?”; “What’s my trade worth?”
Segment 10 – Handling the Tougher Questions - Part 3
“What would my payments be?”; “Has tthere been any damage to the RV?”
Segment 11 – Costly Mistakes You Must Avoid
Errors we don't even know we're making
Segment 12 – Outbound Calls - Part 1​
Build relationships to make the most of your career
Segment 13 – Outbound Calls - Part 2​
Sold Follow-up Day 1, Sold Follow-up Day 5 or 10, Un-sold Traffic Follow-up, Customer Satisfaction, Anniversary of the RV Purchase, Voice Mail for Sold and Unsold Customers
Segment 14 – Outbound Calls - Part 3
Service customer; Internet leads; Management call back; Customer contact form
Segment 15 – The Power of Effective Voice Mail​
Strategies and scripts for the ultimate professional 

PRINTABLE VERSION- Ultimate Phone Expertise Course Listing

Selling at the RV Show NEW!
4 segments

Segment 1- Selling at the RV Show (Part 1)
Physical preparation; Value of image; Incorporating tablets

Segment 2 - Selling at the RV Show (Part 2)
Mental preparation; Engaging the customer; Efficiently qualifying

Segment 3 - Selling at the RV Show (Part 3)
Qualify, Understand, Inform, Propose; Selling the Deal 

Segment 4 - Selling at the RV Show (Part 4)
Effective follow-up -- during the Show and post-Show; "Do's and Don'ts"

Objections Conquered! NEW!
14 segments

Segment 1 – A Definitive Look at Objections
What objections are; Determining validity

Segment 2 – Minimizing Objections, Part 1
100/100/100 Rule; No shortcuts; Needs Assessments for all; Assumptive postures

Segment 3 – Minimizing Objections, Part 2
Building extreme value; Questions to uncover objections; Avoid absolutes; Repeat and referrals

Segment 4 – Minimizing Objections, Part 3
Share expectations; Under-promise to over-deliver; Theory of Contrast

Segment 5 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 1
Be prepared; Don’t hear – LISTEN!  Watch for buying signals; Transparency rules!

Segment 6 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 2
Have perseverance; Stress value proposition; Diplomatically deny objection; Non-confrontational trial closes

Segment 7 – Keys to Handling Objections, Part 3
Be sold on products; Initially agree; Price is rarely the answer; Persuasive psychology

Segment 8 – “Your Price Is Too High”
Psychological tendency; Use your numbers; 3-Step Process

Segment 9 – “That’s Not Enough for My Trade”
Word tracks; Avoid the ego

Segment 10 – “I’ll Just Sell It Myself”
“Challenges with Selling Privately”

Segment 11 – “I Need to Speak to My Spouse”
Good excuse; Be proactive; Uncover the truth

Segment 12 – “I Have a Better Deal Elsewhere”
Clarify objection; Level the playing field; Build the value

Segment 13 – “What Is Your Best Price?”
Not an objection unless you treat it like one

Segment 14 – “I Need to Think about It”
Unmasking real objection; Closing on value


RV Prospecting & Follow-Up
10 segments


Segment 1 - Why Prospect? - New! 
Why Prospect?

Segment 2 - Effective Follow-up on Sold and Unsold - New! 
Doing away with the "Hope" system

Segment 3 - Service Customers (Part 1) - New! 
Various ways to prospect among service customers

Segment 4 - Service Customers (Part 2) - New! 
Ideas for prospecting service customers

Segment 5 - Using Personal Social Media (Part 1) - New! 
Using social media to your advantage; Content is king; Often-made mistakes

Segment 6 - Using Personal Social Media (Part 2) - New! 
Ability to research prospects; Highly effective way to use social media for ongoing prospecting

Segment 7 - Specific Ideas (Part 1) - New! 
Market to those who bought elsewhere; Prospects everywhere; Business cards for self-promotion

Segment 8 - Specific Ideas (Part 2) - New! 
Asking for referrals--the correct way; Social clubs and community involvement; Personal advertisement; New promotions; "Nest" prospecting

Segment 9 - Specific Ideas (Part 3) - New! 
Make afternoon phone calls; Newsletters; Give specialty gifts

Segment 10 - Specific Ideas (Part 4) - New! 
Give organized presentations; Using inspirational quotes; Make cold calls; Career-building letters and emails


Outstanding Customer Service
7 segments


Segment 1 - "The WOW Factor"
Why is outstanding customer service so vital?

Segment 2 - Fundamentals Of Outstanding Customer Service
The 10 things to ensure success

Segment 3 - Specific Techniques
Easy to implement, common sense ideas

Segment 4 - The Role Of Attitude
Without a great attitude, the rest is not effective

Segment 5 - The Most Important Words
What you say to the customer is important

Segment 6 - Little Things Mean The Most
Things that every salesperson can (and should) do

Segment 7 - Fantastic Customer Service Is What Really Matters
Service is the real differentiator

Goal Setting for Success
5 segments


Segment 1 – Why Set Goals?
Understanding the magic of goal setting

Segment 2 - Steps to Successfully Setting Goals
The step-by-step formula for achieving anything you desire

Segment 3 - Goals and Performance Tracking
Recognizing and keeping up with the activities that are necessary

Segment 4 - 7 Additional Fundamentals in Setting Goals
Expands on the basic steps to success

Segment 5 - Study Backs Strategy for Achieving Goals
Empirical evidence of the value of setting goals the correct way

Sales Strategies for the Highly-Informed Customer
6 segments


Segment 1 - Who Are They? How Do They Think?
Facts about Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials)

Segment 2 - Best Practices to Get Face-to-Face
How to engage the Hyper-Informed Customer

Segment 3 - You Get One Shot, So Make it Count
Preparation and Training

Segment 4 - Follow-up to Edge out the Competition
Make your follow-ups work for you

Segment 5 - Specific Strategies to Capture the Highly-Informed
Additional key selling strategies

Segment 6 - Providing a Superior Customer Experience
How to go above and beyond "satisfaction"

Time and Activity Management
3 segments


Segment 1 - Classic Rules of Time Management
Determining the Value of a Project, Creating an Effective To-Do List, Organizing Your Tasks, Examining Your Tasks, Fun Facts

Segment 2 - Resisting the Temptation to Procrastinate
4 Categories of Life’s Activities, Take a Mini-Vacation, Resisting the Temptation to Procrastinate, Motivation Strategies, The Value of Time

Segment 3 - Time Wasters
Controlling the Flood of Paper, Managing Your Desktop, Top 10 Time Wasters, Establishing Priorities, Each Day is a New Account

RV Sales Management
25 segments


Segment 1 - Removing the Impediments to Sales Success
Creating a success environment

Segment 2 - Why do Salespeople Leave?
Building salesperson tenure

Segment 3 - Effective Recruiting
Best practices

Segment 4 - Actual Recruiting Projects
Professional and effective recruiting ideas

Segment 5 - Orientation
Getting started on the right foot

Segment 6 - Self Marketing
Individual marketing of each team member

Segment 7 - 90 Day Certification
Accountability for skills begins here

Segment 8 - Setting and Achieving Goals
Getting serious about hitting targets

Segment 9 - Trial Period Evaluation 
Utilizing the early snapshot as a powerful productivity and employee retention tool

Segment 10 - Keeping a Salesperson File
Documentation that helps leaders grow their frontline assets

Segment 11 - Desk Log Part 1 
Your ultimate opportunity to monitor dealership activities and salesperson performance

Segment 12 - Desk Log Part 2 
Accountability and performance standards

Segment 13 - Desk Log Part 3
Performance standards continued

Segment 14 - Don’t Run Them Off 
Identifying our role in salespeople success

Segment 15 - Employee Evaluation
The power of periodic evaluation and gaining momentum for continued progress

Segment 16 - Exit Interviews 
Gaining valuable insight you must have and parting on the best possible terms

Segment 17 - Desking the Deal - Part 1 
Communicating and training your process

Segment 18 - Desking the Deal - Part 2 
A proper delivery of the vehicle with full disclosure of customer rights

Segment 19 - Desking the Deal - Part 3
Accomplishments of a Sales Call, Common Misconceptions, Controlling the Conversation, Always Answer Questions First, Positive Assumptions

Segment 20 - Desking the Deal - Part 4
Driving store success by way of a strong desking process

Segment 21 - Desking the Deal - Part 5
The power of preparation

Segment 22 - Words Make A Difference
Enhancing sales with better word choices

Segment 23 - Sales Team - Team / Leader Concept (Part 1)
Introduction to benefits

Segment 24 - Sales Team - Team / Leader Concept (Part 2)
Getting started

Segment 25 - Sales Team - Team / Leader Concept (Part 3)
Daily responsibilities

3 segments


Receptionist - Part 1
Philosophical & Physical aspects of phone communication; Effective Listening

Receptionist - Part 2
Procedural aspects of phone communication; the words to use

Receptionist - Part 3
Effectively handling the angry customer

(95 segments)

Negotiating & Closing
14 segments


Segment 1 - Art of Negotiating
Professional tips and techniques to effectively negotiate
Segment 2 - Closing the Sale with Confidence, Conviction and Enthusiasm
Qualities that great salespeople possess
Segment 3 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 1)
Types of salespeople; low pressure vs. high pressure
Segment 4 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 2)
Emotional vs. Intellectual approach; The rules of selling
Segment 5 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 3)
The 10 types of customers; How to handle each one
Segment 6 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 4)
How to treat customers based on age, gender, ethnicity, The psychology of the sale
Segment 7 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 5)
Identifying the real buyer, Winning the customer over
Segment 8 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 6)
Strategies for closing; Knowledge is power; Shortcuts mean short careers
Segment 9 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 7)
Tips for a great presentation
Segment 10 - The Art of Closing Any Deal (Part 8)
Use of the trial close; Wrapping up the sale
Segment 11 - Cash is King - New!
Increase down payments
Segment 12 - Negotiating/Closing - Follow the Process
Contrast in closing skills
Segment 13 - Winning the Price War - New!
And still make money
Segment 14 - Theory of Contrast - New!
Utilizing this all-important advantage

9 segments


Attitude Creates Altitude - New!
Fly with the winners 

Personal Motivation Strategies (Part 1)
Creating a vision; Finding your individual key

Personal Motivation Strategies (Part 2)
Take small steps; Fake it til you make it

Personal Motivation Strategies (Part 3)

Setting & achieving goals; Walk away from people who don't support you; Planning your strategy

Personal Motivation Strategies - Part 4

Focus and will power; Don't stop thinking

Dealing with Doubts

Dealing with doubts after the presentation is made

Your Attitude is Everything - New!

You are in total control

Mindset of a Winner

Mindset of a winner

There are No Limits to Your Success - New!

Believe you can succeed


Communication Skills
9 segments

Understanding Non-Verbal Communication
Harness the power of voice inflection and body language

Effective Listening

The real key to communication; Tips and techniques


Perception is truly reality

Information = Success

Value of customer information

Avoiding "NO" - Creating "YES"

Setting the mood for the close

Communication in the Sales Process (Part 1)

Communication in the Sales Process (Part 2)

To Qualify of Not to Qualify

That is the question

10 Commandments of Counseling

10 commandments of Counseling


Building Value
11 segments


Segment 35 - Building Value
Value beats price every time
Segment 36 - Shortcuts = "Short" Paychecks
Use good business sense to capitalize on every opportunity
Segment 37 - Personal Value Building
Increasing your value in the marketplace
Segment 38 - Adaptive Selling
You must be able to adapt to changing conditions
Segment 39 - Why Should I Buy From You? - New!
The question every customer has
Segment 40 - Determine to be Different
How to stand out in the crowd of "typical" salespeople
Segment 41 - Building Value - Value, Value, Value
Build it and they will buy
Segment 42 - Outstanding Self-Help Ideas
Improvement tips
Segment 43 - How to be Awesome
Exceeding expectations and conquering competition
Segment 44 - Every Price is Too High
Until emotion and value are involved
Segment 45 - Price, Value or Risk? - New!
All are important

Setting & Achieving Goals
3 segments

Segment 46 - Setting and Achieving Goals
Why and how?
Segment 47 - Making it Your Best Year Ever
Focusing on what you want
Segment 48 - Goals & Performance Tracking
We must have targets


Creating Success
10 segments


Segment 49 - Creating Success
You are the driver in your life
Segment 50 - Sales Success (Part 1)
Make these part of your successful daily routine
Segment 51 - Sales Success (Part 2)
Prepare to succeed
Segment 52 - Principles of Success
Daily operating principles
Segment 53 - 14 Reasons Automotive Salespeople Do Not Live Up to Their Potential (Part 1)
Segment 54 - 14 Reasons Automotive Salespeople Do Not Live Up to Their Potential (Part 2)
Segment 55 - Guaranteed Success (Part 1)

Segment 56 - Guaranteed Success (Part 2)

Segment 57 - Qualities for Successful Sales
Know and operate with them
Segment 58 - Defining Success
What it means to each individual

4 segments


Segment 59 - Building a Contact Base
This is the cornerstone for future sales
Segment 60 - Prospecting through Self-Promotion
Self-promotion enhancing sales and credibility
Segment 61 - Consistency in Production
Eliminate "peaks & valleys" in sales production
Segment 62 - Selling with promotions
Adjusting for the sale

Dealing With Personalities
2 segments


Segment 63 - Personality Types
Understanding and reacting to different personalities
Segment 64 - Personalities Make a Difference
You must be able to differentiate

Conflict Resolution
3 segments


Segment 65 - Conflict Resolution
Dousing the flames and turning problems into opportunities
Segment 66 - Managing Conflict
When done correctly, enhances sales success
Segment 67 - Complaints = Opportunities
Handle them right and you will be rewarded

Non-Confrontational Selling
4 segments


Segment 68 - Give Every Customer a Chance
Prejudging customers guarantees missed sales
Segment 69 - Collapsing Confrontation - New! 
It's an art
Segment 70 - Taking the Confrontation Out of the Sale 
4 biggest customer complaints; Creating a non-confrontational environment
Segment 71 - People Don't Like to be Sold
But they love to buy

4 segments


Segment 72 - Taking Care of Business
Creating a customer-friendly environment
Segment 73 - Internal Relationships (Part 1)
Developing a successful "team" atmosphere
Segment 74 - Internal Relationships (Part 2)
Harmonious departmental relationships are vital to success
Segment 75 - The Value of Team
4 keys: Commitment, Communication, Trust & Self-motivation

Specialty Success Segments
22 segments

Segment 76 - Succeeding in a Transitional Environment
Focusing on your business at hand
Segment 77 - Dealing with Personal Pressures (And Still Sell RVs) 
Don't let personal problems keep you from selling
Segment 78 - Where Deals are Lost (Part 1) (Part 2 Omitted)
Being poorly prepared; Prejudging customers; Poor first impressions; Not controlling the process; Mishandling women buyers
Segment 79 - Where Deals are Lost (Part 3)
Asking the wrong questions; Focusing on price rather than the vehicle
Segment 80 - Where Deals are Lost (Part 4)
Not knowing inventory; Doing rushed deliveries; Having a negative attitude
Segment 81 - Focus on Risk
Reducing the "risk" issue
Segment 82 - Be 10 Times Better Than You Are
Recognizing your potential
Segment 83 - 15 Qualities Salespeople Should Possess - New!
Importance of specific qualities
Segment 84 - Dealing with Slowdowns
Turning the downtime upward
Segment 85 - Why Don't Prospects Buy?
Six reasons why
Segment 86 - Inside the Sale (Part 1)

Segment 87 - Inside the Sale (Part 2)

Segment 88 - Habits Rule Your Life (Part 1)
Each of the 4 segments discusses the areas in the sales process where the disconnect between customer and salesperson usually occurs
Segment 89 - Habits Rule Your Life (Part 2)

Segment 90 - Habits Rule Your Life (Part 3)

Segment 91 - Habits Rule Your Life (Part 4)

Segment 92 - Average vs. Superior (Part 1)

Segment 93 - Average vs. Superior (Part 2)

Segment 94 - Average vs. Superior (Part 3)

Segment 95 - Road to the Purchase
Putting yourself in the customer's shoes
Segment 96 - What is Your Purpose?
Be clear on the mission
Segment 97 - Ego in the Sales Process - New!
Understanding the role it plays