Best In-Dealership Training Ever!

“What EVERY experienced salesperson needs to be the ABSOLUTE BEST….” GERALD EDORIA


Paramount product!

“eAutotraining is exactly what your staff needs to meet customer expectations”… PATRICK TESSIER



“Here’s why I recommend The Mar-Kee Group and their eAutotraining Program….” JESS WINTERS


Great for dealing with super-informed customers

“eAutotraining is very relevant… fast-paced… and provides ideas you can actually use!” GARY CURRAN


“My favorite part about eAutotraining are the useful role play scenarios! I frequently watch the videos and have memorized many of the word tracks. As a result of my practice, I sold 10 cars my first month and 13 this month with 2 days to go!” JESSICA M.


“I’m new to the Automotive business and I am very impressed with The Mar-Kee Group’s 90-Day Online Boot Camp Sales Training program. It includes lots of very good ideas that are EASY to understand. The best part is the training videos are short and can be immediately put to use.” CHRIS P.


“2-Minute Drill is excellent! Great tool to incorporate into my weekly sales meetings.” LOUIS C.


“I have been a fan of self-motivation and inspirational material for years, and your eAutotraining is the “VERY” best I’ve ever seen! Thank you. I can’t wait to learn more.” STEVEN M.


“Customer Relations and Retention Training by Richard Keeney has provided my Service BDC Team a clear vision of what customers REALLY want, helped them understand why customers stop doing business with us, and an overall customer perception of our service department.

I have witnessed my Service Advisors ‘dialing in’ on convenience for the customer. My shuttle car has been on the road more than it has in a while. Loaners are being utilized better. Customers are being handled with more smiles and enthusiasm. My team has really developed a voice and has committed to a ‘stop defections’ mindset. There is lots of excitement and we’ve experienced a big boost in morale. Thank you for that —we really needed it!” JASON M.


“I can’t always be there to train with my guys, so I’m pleased that eAutotraining, which is very professionally done, keeps my staff moving in the right direction. A top salesperson has been with me for years and has immersed himself into your training. It works! One of my newest salespeople, Kevin, has only been in the business four months and trains every day. He sold 15 cars last month!” ED E.


“I have seen eAutotraining in action and trust me, it produces results!” TODD C.


“eAutotraining’s content, delivery and accountability tools are superb! We require (not an option) all of our sales and management teams to view a minimum of 3 segments per week. We feel we can give substantial credit for our huge increase in volume, gross and professionalism to The Mar-Kee Group’s eAutotraining program.” KEN L.


“The ease of use, the quality of content, and the acceptance of our salespeople makes eAutotraining the only training we need. The results have been very impressive!” ROYAL C.


“eAutotraining takes it to another level! As always, you and your staff have been very helpful. What separates The Mar-Kee Group’s Automotive sales training is it’s real world applicability, and how it addresses the customer objections that our salespeople face on a daily basis. This training is good for veterans and rookies alike. I started my Service Advisors on the training as well, and fully expect that it will have the same impact there as the front end of the store.” BUNKY G.


“When we developed our online training library at Coggin / Courtesy for 24 stores across Florida, we reviewed every major trainer in and out of the Automotive industry and our choice for the backbone of the program was The Mar-Kee Group’s “Success – One Idea at a Time” program. They stood head and shoulders above the competition for overall content quality, total skill coverage and price value.

It is sometimes difficult to quantify the ‘bottom line’ effect of training investments. We knew that results might be difficult to see at first. But when the group’s ‘same store’ net profits increased an average of 16% after the first year of the program, we knew we had chosen the right company for our training content…Thank you The Mar-Kee Group!” KERRY N.


“Having The Mar-Kee Group in our dealership for Sales and Management training over the past 15 years, keeps us #1 in our area! We are more profitable than ever and turnover is practically non-existent. The fact that the training explains the psychology of “why” to do things, really helps my team to “get it”. It is extremely comforting to have the ability to call at anytime and tap on The Mar-Kee Group as a consulting resource!” RAY H.


“I watched “A to Z Sales Process Training (Road to the Sale)” online. It is incredible! I have to say that it is one of the best investments that I have ever made. I truly like David Martin’s personality and selling style. When I heard him and Richard Keeney, a light bulb went off! I practice everything David Martin does and it feels natural, as I see a lot of myself in him. One day I hope to meet him in person.” JASON G.


“One of our new salespeople completed his morning eAutotraining session and was given a customer who was being unreasonable with another salesperson, who did not want to wait on the customer. Long story short, he used the information he learned that morning to defuse the customer and get them into a demo ride and found the right selection for the customer. At delivery, they were not the same people who came in demanding price, but extremely happy customers. Not only do I recommend this training, but I am sure my salesperson would after a large commission check.” JIM F.


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