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Providing Sales & Service Solutions for Over 20 Yrs


Welcome to The Mar-kee Group

The Mar-Kee Group was established in 1996 and launched their 24/7 online sales training in 2005. Since then, our training programs have proven to be the most consistent and convenient way to build your staff's confidence and skill sets from the dealership, at home, or anywhere with Internet access.

Our innovative training includes over 500 training sessions with over 300 role-play scenarios. Each brief training segment includes printable course material and testing. Student progress is recorded in a Reporting Center. Accountability features are available to keep your training coordinators and management informed of student progress


Sales Training

Sales Training

Service Advisor

Service Advisor


Recent Posts

  • New Automotive Sales Training Program Makes Life Easier for Managers Posted last week
    Imagine your salespeople starting each day with the most important sales training program available? With The Mar-Kee Group’s new, revolutionary 90 Day Boot Camp, training just got a lot easier for managers and it’s perfect for new hires and underperformers.
  • Role Play Your Way to Success Posted last month
    Role-playing with your Automotive Sales team will give them the confidence and inspiration to know what to say when handling objections from potential customers. Just like in sports or the fine arts, honing your craft involves practice. Through role-playing, your sales team will master professional and effective responses to the most common objections.
  • Service Advisor Tips for Following-Up on Declined Services Posted 3 months ago
    Just because a client declines a recommended service, doesn't mean your obligation to that customer stops there. Service Advisors may face declined services often, but with the ultimate goal being customer satisfaction, keep trying. Invest just 10 -15 minutes a day, follow this simple process, and your sales will go up, your customers will value your concerns, and you will further those relationships.
  • Keep it 100! Stop the Shortcuts! Posted 3 months ago
    Is your sales team committed to giving it their all 100% of the time? Read how to create and sustain an enthusiastic, professional and committed staff to inspire excellence and close more deals.
  • 10 Ways To Effectively Interact With Women Buyers Posted 4 months ago
    Women purchase over 50% of the cars bought and play a major role in over 85% of car purchases. By implementing these 10 practices, we believe you are sure to notice an improved rapport that moves you closer to the sale.
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