Desk managers everywhere have experienced salespeople who would prefer them to just “OK” the customer’s offer and put the deal to bed.

Face it, when the salesperson is ready to close the deal, they most likely have already overcome a good bit to get the deal to this point. The last thing they want to do is risk changing the mood and intentions of a customer who just made an offer to purchase under their terms. 

Many salespeople fear if they make another pass at raising the customer, the deal could go sideways.  This could cause the customer to completely disconnect. (Ouch!) 

There are others on the team who make you proud because they are always encouraging you to write another counter in order to gain additional gross.  This practice is also more convincing to the customer; conveying the feeling that they’ve worked themselves a great deal.   If we surrender, or accept an offer too quick, the buyer may reconsider their commitment, thinking maybe they left some money on the table.

Delivering the message fearfully or in an apologetic manner may send a counter-productive signal to the buyer.

Just like when delivering the initial proposal, salespeople need to project the final raise as “good news”. That again is where monitoring the salesperson’s readiness while desking the deal and coaching them for maximum effectiveness before returning to the customer comes into play.

Here’s a hypothetical example. 

Scenario:  If you need another five hundred in the deal, whether from selling price or five less than the customer requested for the trade, remind the salesperson of the importance of how they deliver the message, and to conclude with a strong closing statement.


The more “OK” the salesperson is, the more “OK” the buyer is likely to be. When delivered as “good news” and the posture of the closer is confident and assumptive, the better the chance the buyer will go with the flow and proceed with the commitment.

Will everyone simply sign up with little or no rebuttal?  Of course not. However, many will go with the flow and “OK” the deal.

Remember: posture, words, tone, body language, assumptive behavior and confidence will pick up additional money often enough that salespeople who were apprehensive in the past may become some of your bravest soldiers.

Maybe they will join those who fight for every dollar and encourage you to pencil back a raise more often than not.

The best tool of leadership is to lead by example.  Seize every opportunity to use this same strategy in front of the salesperson when performing a T.O.

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