Having your salespeople role-play the figures with you prior to delivering the proposal to customers just makes good business sense.

We all do better after rehearsal. This is an absolute must when working with newer salespeople. To that we say, trust, yet verify.  Start this strategy now and immediately improve this critical part of closing deals.

Some clients didn’t realize they had some salespeople who were, let’s say…less than effective when presenting the initial proposal. This could even give some managers the opportunity to praise others, which helps their confidence every time!  Either way, they all feel like they have a better handle on something that they had taken for granted.

Remember…this is about development and building confidence. It should be dealt with in as positive a light as possible. 

Here are a few things to be looking for when role-playing:

1.  Eye contact?

2.  Smiling?

3.  Assumptive posture?

4.  Do they ask for the business?

5.  Words used, tone and body language?

6.  Are they prepared to respond versus react when hit with the most common


7. Is your salesperson sold on the deal?  Replace any fear with an assumptive 

and courageous posture.

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