Breaking News – Salespeople are Human! 

Even the strongest of salespeople can have their optimism and energy adversely affected when showered with a customer’s unrealistic expectations, constant reminders that “It’s not going to happen today,” or after fighting an uphill battle to make the math work. Once the desk manager formulates the proposal, and the salesperson looks at the numbers, some can’t help but recall all of the non-inspiring information the customer bestowed upon them over the last hour or two. 

It is, of course, imperative that the salesperson breathe spirit into the deal, stay enthused, assumptive and positive regarding the second half of their performance…the delivering of the proposal!

Some relief and resolution has arrived! Below is the revised Customer Solutions Review tool.   We have provided a sample for you to review. I strongly recommend this as a “deal desking” strategy to help a salesperson (and management) develop a “fixed” mentality before serving the proposal to the customer.

Isn’t the salesperson the first person who needs to be sold on the deal?

It is human nature to absorb all of the personal “stuff” customers share regarding where they need to be in order to make a purchase or not.

Sometimes these statements are because customers are nervous and want to protect themselves. It could also be their strategy of price positioning the sellers, or for other reasons.

The bottom line is, salespeople must guard against customers getting into their head too much. This can often cause salespeople to think about the math alone, and dwell on how far off the numbers are from all that the customer has shared (or dumped.)  

Developing a “fixed mentality” means salespeople having a better frame of mind, so that, as mentioned before, they can be the first ones to see the wisdom of the proposal.

Too often the focus is on the math issue, and not enough about the solutions that are being provided.  

When salespeople are sold on the value, then and only then can they be the most effective at closing a deal. This is also a great reason to do an excellent job with the initial customer counseling. When you perform a thorough needs assessment up front, the solutions you have provided will be more apparent to you and the customer.

The features and equipment enhancement summary (see below) is very important.  When you stack up all the features and benefits that they will enjoy, you keep the needle toward the emotional part of the brain.  This is also beneficial for management to embrace. Consider reviewing a completed form with the salesperson, helping them mentally prepare before going back with the proposal. As a manager taking a T.O., this will be a good ammunition for the cause as well. Remember, this can be utilized when desking new as well as for pre-owned deals.


 Cover and train this strategy in sales meetings

 Pick a few sample scenarios

 Begin filling these out on every deal, immediately, with or without a trade

 Discuss the experience and impact it is having

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