5 reasons why salespeople may receive a “vague” objection:

1.   The customer is uncomfortable with price issues. 
2.   The customer is uncomfortable with you or other dealership personnel. 
3.   The customer is not sold on the vehicle. 
4.   The customer has a desire to compare prices and/or other vehicles. 
5.   The customer has fear of making decisions.

Remember: Customers need your help finding “closure” on a vehicle.

Response 1: 
“I understand, it’s an important decision. But before you go, let me ask you 
something. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 meaning you were going to drive this 
car home today, and 1 meaning you wouldn’t take it even if it were free, where 
do you stand right now?”

Be patient and respond with: “Great! What would it take to get you to a 10?” (Many customers will actually tell you!)

Response 2: 
“I understand. It’s an important decision. I have often made that same 
comment and it usually meant one of two things: Either I didn’t want to 
disappoint the salesperson, or there was still a concern that hadn’t been 
addressed yet. Do you mind sharing which one it is for you?”

Response 3: 
“Do you need a couple of days to think about it? The reason I ask is because it 
usually comes down to three questions: 
1.   Does this vehicle fall in the range you planned to invest? 
2.   Is this the type of vehicle you want to drive? 
3.   Are we the type of people you would like to do business with?

I certainly hope that the answer to all three questions is “Yes.”

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