Do you really know how each salesperson is responding to this question:  “What time do you close?”

If you close at 8:00 and the salesperson simply answers “We close at 8:00”, then plan on staying late more often than necessary.  Now don’t get mad at the salesperson, they know they better work around the customer’s schedule;

Maybe they just need something better to say?


Lord help the salesperson who is heard telling a customer they are off the day in question or that they are out early that day, and asks if the next day is possible. On another note, a salesperson who is a long term, super-productive entity of your organization, may risk nothing by working a little around their own schedule.  After all, if confident that his/her customers want only this salesperson; then maybe there is no risk of defection.  But wait, here comes the tip, and you decide if you can use it for better time control, then share it.

Here’s the tip: 

When a customer asks “What time do you close?”, simply reply “We close at 8:00, so of course you’ll want to be here around 6:30 or 6:45 so we’ll have adequate time to get you all the information you deserve. Or would you like for it to be even earlier?”

Maybe they can’t make it that early, yet when a better answer will stand a good chance of an earlier appointment, you must consider.   If you are not doing something to affect the show time, you’ll be staying later and NOT have adequate time to close some of the deals. Face it, by 9:00, you and your customer have had a looooooong day, and they may question their own decision making while fatigued, so it makes sense to get them earlier, if possible.

On a final note:  Salespeople must use their instincts when a customer would have come in, yet 6:30 isn’t an option.  If hesitant to set earlier appointment time, you don’t want to miss the appointment altogether, so volunteer a later time to see.

Even if this doesn’t rock your world, unless you are opposed  to getting home a little earlier more often, please consider it.  

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