Daphne, AL — February 28, 2019 — The Mar-Kee Group announced the release of a brand new RV-Specific Service Advisor “Sales” Training program — “RV Professional Service Advisor 90-Day Online Boot Camp Training.”


Renowned as a leading provider of Professional RV Sales Training, The Mar-Kee Group is proud to offer a comparable product for RV Service Advisors.


“Imagine if one of your new RV Service Advisors, or one who is under-performing, was to receive a training assignment every Monday through Friday morning over the next 90 days!

 Most RV Service Managers wish all Service Advisors would begin each day this way; now they can,” said co-founder Richard Keeney.


The Mar-Kee Group delivers individualized, daily video assignments to RV Service Advisors via push email notification.


“RV Professional Service Advisor 90-Day Online Boot Camp Training” is powered by eRVtraining, a premier sales training program designed specifically for RV Dealers. The training includes accountability tools such as testing and Printable Course Materials for Service Advisors to build a permanent training manual. The entire process takes just minutes a day, starting each day the right way. As a bonus, there is no wait — the Service Advisors can start the program at any time!


David Martin, President of The Mar-Kee Group explains, “This new program fills a major void in the marketplace. It addresses the issue of Service Advisors being too busy to train and therefore, too busy to improve selling skills.”


“90-Day Boot Camp is unique to RV Dealers and speaks directly to their specific service selling needs.  A huge benefit of the training is that we do all the work! Managers receive weekly progress reports making them aware of every assignment as well as any inactivity.”  

When Advisors successfully complete the program, the manager will receive the student’s Certificate of Completion, allowing them to provide recognition to each graduate on their achievement.


This is the training RV Service Advisors need, uniquely delivered, with accountability built-in!


Martin believes this offering is an important step to enhance the customer service experience at RV Dealers worldwide.  Now RV Service Advisors can receive consistent sales training in brief, comprehensive doses.


“90-Day Boot Camp is the single most important training a manager could provide a new hire or any underperforming team member.


Whether RV dealers have one or more deserving of this unique confidence and skill building program, use it when needed. You will always know your training investment is being utilized. It’s as simple as that!”

RV Professional Service Advisor 90-Day Boot Camp Training covers:

•    Road to the Sale — 29 video assignments

•    Advance Selling Techniques — 24 video assignments

•   Customer Handling Skills — 14 video assignments

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About The Mar-Kee Group:

David Martin and Richard Keeney of The Mar-Kee Group are honored to celebrate 20+ years as one of the nation’s leading sales training companies. They have over 70 years of combined sales, management, and training experience, with over 4700 dealerships served in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. The Mar-Kee Group provides multiple online training options as well as customized in-dealership training. For more information, visit our website at markeegroup.com or call 888-300-4629.


Press Contact:

Staci Hazeur

Marketing Manager