The T.O. strategy has been around for quite some time, yet at some dealerships it’s not an “all the time” thing.  Some salespeople view it as a friction point with management.  Some handle it very well.   They are grateful for the opportunity to get additional support as a final effort to close a sale.


It is highly recommended that management revisits the T.O process with the team.   Make certain there is a clear understanding of everyone’s role, the reasons why and how to handle it smoothly.

It is important to communicate to salespeople that management needs to have the option of speaking with customers 100% of the time before they leave.  They also need to work with their people to smooth out the transition to management.  

When you say option, it may be a good idea to explain that management needs to leverage their time and won’t always opt to do the T.O. 

Let them know that it may not happen 100% of the time, yet management expects to have the option!

Otherwise you will have those who think (and say) that the 100% philosophy is what is demanded yet not followed through on. 

Below are great tips to use in an occasional sales meeting. Salespeople need to understand all of the benefits so they do it for their reasons, not just because you said so.

Discussion points:

• T.O. stands for “Turn-Over” and “Total Opportunity”

•  Should always be done (attempted)

•  A second face can work wonders

•  Makes a great impression on those not “closing” at this time

•  Increases the chance of a return visit

•  Provides customers with another contact should the Salesperson not be available later

•  Partner with another sales team member as a backup plan

•  Great gesture of appreciation for customer

•  Customers will sometimes tell others what they won’t tell you

•  Someone with a fresh approach and open mind-set may help the situation

•  Common ground with customers can occur in many cases

•  Some customers won’t close until final word from an authority figure

•  Should always be done with class and professionalism

•  Forget the ego – Get help often!

•  If it closes easily – You have done your job

•  Needs to be done in a timely manner

•  Minimize ‘fire alarm” T. O.’s

•  Say “Hold on just a second” – “I have an idea” or “I just thought of something.”

•  Do not take customers to the command center (sales desk) without permission

•  Even if another salesperson closes and you split – a half deal is better than no deal

•  The  T.O. is not only for the end of the visit

•  Do it first for your reasons, and yes, it is also a responsibility


A sample of this concept is available in the new version of the Sales Management & Leadership module of eAutotraining I invite your call. Should you ever want to discuss other sales gross enhancing ideas, I’d love to help!  Feel free to contact Richard directly at 888.300.4629.


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