According to studies, women purchase or lease slightly over one half of all the cars delivered, and play a major role in over 85% of deliveriesIn fact, believe it or not, in the average household more women buyers are making the decision without the man than men can make without the woman. But despite that, many women say that they are still getting sub-par treatment in dealerships.   

To be successful, you must learn what it takes to attract female customers and earn their trust.  According to, many salespeople assume that a woman’s first priority is price.

However, their research shows that women’s top reason for purchasing was a positive engagement with a sales consultant.

And good news – you control that.

When shopping for a vehicle, women are quite often more prepared than men.  This may be a defense mechanism but regardless, many of them have done their homework.  They also tend to be less emotional in their decision-making.  In general, women tend to be more emotional than men, but not in the purchase of cars.  And consequently they are more practical and not as likely to overspend.

What are some of the things you can do to improve our interaction with women buyers?


1. Be prompt in your initial meeting.

Females say they often feel ignored at a dealership and that just adds to their frustration.


2. Acknowledge both parties equally when a male and female enter your dealership together.

Let her know that she is important to the transaction.


3. Ask questions to determine their buying motives.

Do not assume that they are only interested in style, luxury and color.


4. Watch for body language.

If they want more details, keep talking.  If not, back off immediately.  In general, females are less likely than men to verbally tell you that you are off base so watch carefully for clues from body language.


5. Highlight good reviews and the dealership’s reputation.

Women rely on these two things 50% more than men, so draw their attention to good reviews any time you can.


6. Sell your dealership and its services.

This is important to women so let them know what is exceptional about your dealership.


7. Treat them with respect.

Do not talk down to them when they ask questions.  Give them straight, honest answers.


8. Get rid of archaic, stereotypical attitudes.

For you gentlemen, never be condescending and do not use terms like “sweetie,” “darling” or “little lady.”


9. Do not try to impress women with car lingo.

If you confuse them, their answer will always be NO. 


10. Last but not least, be patient – do not try to rush.  Take them down the complete road to a sale without shortcuts.

To better serve the female buyer we must treat her with respect and listen to what she has to say.  She will tell you what she wants if you ask the right questions and listen – really listen.  

After all, she would not be there if she were not interested in buying a vehicle.  

Are we missing anything? Share your experience or insights relating to women buyers in the comments below.


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