Consumer leasing has many advantages for the customer, the salesperson and for the dealership as well. Having a clear and concise understanding of consumer leasing is critical to your success.  Let’s take a look into some advantages of leasing.

Advantages of Consumer Leasing  

For the customer:

·  Generally lower monthly payments

·  Option of less “up-front cash”

·  Drive a new car more often

·  Less exposure to maintenance and repair costs

·  Factory warranty during all or most of the agreement

·  Guaranteed Future Purchase Price

·  Flexibility to purchase the vehicle later

·  Guaranteed Asset Protection (G.A.P.)

For the salesperson:

·  Potential for a higher gross profit

·  Increased customer satisfaction

·  Improved customer retention

·  Additional referrals from happy customers

·  More flexibility to meet the customer’s financial needs

For the dealership:

·  Greater customer retention

·  Creates great used cars

·  Potentially higher gross profits

·  Increased customer use of fixed operations

·  Higher customer satisfaction scores

·  Increase in new car sales

·  Allows tie-in to manufacturer’s advertising

·  Retain salespeople with attractive customer base

Consumer Leasing may not be for everyone, yet keeping this investment option a secret may be doing some a dis-service and costing your dealership sales and gross profits. To find out how to professionally and confidently present consumer leasing and maximize your selling potential, contact The Mar-Kee Group.

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