Salespeople, Managers and Dealers…stop losing time and money because it’s easier to say “yes”.  Let’s review the following scenario.

Customer:   “Do you think they’ll paint the back bumper and put two new tires on it?”

Salesperson:  (Treats the question as an objection and takes path of least resistance) ? “I’ll go ask.”


The Salesperson has pretty much validated the request as doable. At this point, to not fulfill the request gives the appearance of being uncooperative.Of course, the Salesperson wants the deal and feels the customer’s request will not keep management from putting it to bed.After all, they do this all the time, right?


The following are immediately inherited:

– Increase in dealer’s expense, which lowers gross

– Carry “post-sale” reconditioning luggage ? and it gets heavy!

– Consumption of Salesperson’s time over the next day(s)

– Provide a loaner car (hard to sell it if it’s not there ? don’t forget to re-detail it!)

– Take chance that Customer may not be happy with the recon job (here we go again!)


Customer:”Do you think they’ll paint the back bumper and put two new tires on it?”

Salesperson:”I don’t blame you for asking, yet please know every vehicle we have is priced according to its precise mileage and condition. I’d be happy to get an estimate for you and we can simply add it to your investment, or you might drive it a bit and then decide if it’s still important to you. Which way would you prefer to go?”


Assuming positive outcome for a moment, expect the following benefits:

– Customer feel they’ve received an attractive deal with zero room for giveaways

– Protects the gross

– Salesperson’s productivity over the next few days has not been impacted

– Avoid dealing with the customers discontent with the reconditioning work

– Management is proud of Salesperson?

– Great for Salesperson’s confidence

The best way to control “post-sale” reconditioning is to prepare Salespeople to “respond” versus “react” out of fear of losing a sale.

Role-playing is also a great method to help Salespeople stay poised and in control. Remember, some Customers will still demand accommodations.However, keep in mind it’s just a question, not necessarily an objection.


A sample of this concept is available in the new version (coming soon) of the Sales Management & Leadership module of eAutotraining.I invite your call should you ever want to discuss other gross enhancing ideas, I’d love to help!Feel free to contact Richard directly at 888.300.4629.


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