I would like to recommend a very important philosophy that you should incorporate into your daily sales regiment. The concept is called “One More”. At its heart, it simply means that when you think you are done, do one more. One more what, you ask? One more phone call, one more email, one more text, one more social engagement, one more prospecting attempt, give out one more business card, send out one more video, make one more attempt to close. One More!

Look, we have all heard that selling is a numbers game and to some extent that is true. However, more important than sheer numbers are quality numbers.

For instance, if you make 10 rushed, poorly thought-out phone calls just to get through your task list, adding one more probably won’t do any good. What I’m saying is that when you follow-up with prospects, and you simply ask “have you decided yet?” or “do you have any questions?” it’s probably not very effective. However, if you review your CRM first to see what was previously discussed, or whether you made any notes that would enable you to connect on a more personal level, it can become a quality phone call.

For example, let’s say that you made a note that your customers originally left you to go see their son play pee-wee football. Start off the conversation by saying “By the way, how did Johnny do in his football game?” The proud father says “Wow, I can’t believe you remembered that. He did great! He scored a touchdown and made 5 tackles. Thanks for asking.”

Now you’ve started a quality phone call. The same preparation goes for emails, texts and social engagements. Make one more, but make them quality.

And by the way, studies have proven that the average customer doesn’t buy on the first or even second attempt to close. It routinely takes 3, 4, 5 attempts, or more. Another reason the concept of “one more” is crucial.

You will never know how close you were to closing a great deal of additional sales simply because you threw in the towel too soon. If you want to take your unit sales, gross profit and your commissions to another level, remember the concept of “One More.”


The “Sold” Customer Follow-Up Blueprint by Richard Keeney

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