Digital marketing is understandably the current rage in the automotive industry. Using software programs that can identify in-market customers and properly price position vehicles makes all the sense in the world. It is hard to imagine operating a modern dealership without the tools that are available to dealers today.

However, this is still a people-to-people business and customers must be closed. If you have customers, you will have resistance to buying. The only question is when. Today’s internet junkie “researchaholics” represent a new challenge to dealerships and many are unprepared to successfully deal with them.

Yesterday’s “closing” techniques no longer work with tech-savvy buyers, who often know more about the product than the salespeople.

Too many salespeople are unprepared when it comes to objections. Consequently they react to what the customer says, rather than calmly and professionally responding. Despite what some salespeople think, there are only six primary objections that they deal with on a daily basis.

To NOT be fully prepared to respond makes no sense and results in lost sales every day.

Successfully dealing with objections requires three things:

• Minimizing or eliminating them before the customer brings them up

• Understanding and mastering the keys for handling objections

• Perfecting the responses that will motivate customers to keep the sales momentum going

Sales managers should pick out one commonly heard objection each week and role play it, with every salesperson participating.
Give them a week to prepare and on Friday morning put them through their paces. Most will practice all week to avoid embarrassment.

Because repetition is the key to learning, they will master a professional response to each of the major objections in just six weeks.

Their confidence will soar and so will their sales.

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