Salespeople need a solid customer follow-up plan to make sure they stay on their customer’s radar. 

Many dealerships have excellent follow-up strategies.  However, all too often, during training we find salespeople that lack direction.  As a result, their months are based on the “hope system” and business continues to be a worrisome struggle. 

For those who need a workable plan, or simply want to assess their current plan, here is a sample “Customer Follow-Up” schedule that works:

Follow-up…Get specific: 

Decide if you need to change your business in a “major” way. Could this be just the “Game Changer” that you need? What should be included in a strong follow-up regimen for a sold (and non-sold) customer? 

10 “Touches” per year is a solid plan to implement 

  • Build alerts into the CRM, or another method of follow-up reminders you prefer.
  • “Touches” consist of:

    • 2 phone calls (minimum) – keep it simple, don’t try to sell, know what you are going to say
      • Be prepared to leave voice mails. This is HUGE! Script out the various voice mails that will come into play based on the reason for the call.
    • Text – Identify yourself, keep it short
    • Four (quarterly) Positive Mental Attitude quotes via mail or email – good enough for the recipient to want to share with others (include dealership/consultant contact information)
    • Go see them (use good judgment)
    • Social Media (use good judgment)
    • Note on the vehicle dashboard for the Service customer.  For example, “Thanks for allowing us to serve you again. Stop by up front one day and say Hi!” (A bottle of water and/or a mint is also a nice touch.)

    Good times to “Touch Base” with customers:

    • Anniversary of the vehicle purchase date
    • Birthday(s)
    • 4th of July, Memorial Day etc.…(you pick the occasion)
    • Christmas – Yes, let yours be one of the 1st to arrive

This includes: 

  • 1)   24-hour call 
  • 2)   Thank You card / letter (see example below)
  • 3)   3-5 day follow-up call 
  • 4)   Manufacturer’s survey reminder 
  • 5)   Other required dealership strategies:   
  • – If needed, ask for help utilizing a computer and/or the CRM tool. It is much too important not to utilize your tools!
  • – Look into all of the marketing ideas.
  • – Build and commit to a great plan. 
  • – Get organized and never stop!
  • The goal is to make your name “synonymous” with vehicle needs – you want them to think of you regarding anything transportation related. Stay on their radar.

    What’s your follow up strategy?

    Richard Keeney
    The Mar-Kee Group
    251-680-6633 (cell)

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