Women buy over 50% of the vehicles sold in the U.S. and heavily influence upwards of 85% of all automotive purchases.

If these statistics surprise you – they shouldn’t.  Women make up over 50% of the adult population and their influences are felt in most households. 

According to recent studies, the top 3 reasons women purchase vehicles are:

#1 Perception of Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, women are not only interested in color and comfort, most of them look for the same things as men do– fuel efficiency, design, safety, technology, and price.  However, the top factor of whether they buy or not is heavily dependent on their perceived treatment.  Obviously, treating her with utmost respect is essential.  Most women have done their homework, so patiently answering their questions will go a long way to winning her over.  Women intuitively are drawn to salespeople who put up their smartphones and focus on their needs and desires.

#2 Money

No surprise here.  Women are cost and budget conscious and they want to feel good about the price they pay.  Dealerships that pay attention to their needs and don’t try to bully them into exceeding their budgets will close the deal and win.

#3 Dealer Reputation

Women, more than men, pay close attention to reputation.  They are three times more likely to read and leave reviews than their male counterparts.  It is very important to them to make informed decisions on everything they buy, and that is magnified with big-ticket purchases. 

Are you overlooking your women buyers?

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